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Welcome to CCE's Residential Finland Education Experience 14-19 April 2024 - Helsinki & Lahti

Important Dates for the upcoming 11th International Symposium on Creative Education

Discover Finland's Secrets to
Creating One of the Best Education Systems
In the World at this Half-day Workshop!

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Why Finland?

Providing equal opportunities for all citizens to high-quality education and training is a long-term objective of the Finnish education policy. The keywords in Finnish education policy are quality, efficiency, equity, and internationalization. The basic right to education and culture is recorded in the Constitution. The policy is built on the principles of lifelong learning and free education. Education is seen as a key to the competitiveness and well-being of the society. To Know More Click Here

Be a part of world-class education organization!

  • Opportunity to present your research on a global platform.

  • Discount on training, annual conferences, seminars and workshop fees organized by CCE and a lot more benefits!

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