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Creativity, Imagination and Digital Technology 

12-16 November 2018


Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland cordially invites you to participate and reveal the
Creativity, Imagination and Digital Technology.

Who knows there will be next Steve Jobs or Newton is hidden within your child! 


Council for Creative Education (CCE) would like to draw the attention of the educator community towards the pivotal change in the learning process. The search for knowledge which was stuck with the books for several generations has now shifted to the internet. The information is readily accessible to most of the world at a click. Technology has overtaken the repetitive tasks which give us more time to think about other creative ideas.


The very first step towards creativity is to ponder on different ideas and imagine various situations. In current learning environments, how are we handling this step? The advancement of the modern world has come into existence as a result of imagination and creativity of earlier generations. Now with the better tools and technology available are we challenging the imagination and creativity enough? How can we use the technology to nurture the creativity and imagination?


Let's discuss the synergy of creativity, imagination and digital technology. It will be interesting and edutaining to see what the researchers and educators are thinking about this concept in their context. CCE cordially invite you to present your findings and philosophies in accordance with the theme for 6th International Symposium on Creative Education, that is, ‘CREATIVITY, IMAGINATION AND DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY’

The countdown has begun
Who can attend?

Any education enthusiast can participate in this symposium. Researchers and Teachers (pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher section), principals, educators, trainers, students from teacher education are welcome to present their ideas. We are also encouraging government representatives who can present government, educational policies and their research.



Tampere University of Technology

Korkeakoulunkatu 10,
FI-33720 Tampere






Note: The venue for the Symposium is Tampere University of Technology. Kindly do not communicate with the university for any of the questions related to Symposium. The replies for the queries will be entertained only at

Call For Papers
Themes for Papers
  1. Role of Imagination In Education

  2. Smart gadgets, smart people?

  3. Designing the ICT environment

  4. Is Technology killing Creativity?

  5. Creativity, brain, and art

  6. Philosophy of creativity

  7. Education accessibility through technology

  8. EduTech strategies Vs school needs

  9. Role of digitalization in creativity

  10. Social media, digital divide and learning

Paper or Poster Presentation is not mandatory for attending the Symposium.

CCE will publish symposium and conference proceedings along with all selected Papers.

Call For Papers - CLOSED

The participants are requested to send their abstract (300 words) on any of the given themes or a topic related to creativity. The covering page should include participant's name, title, email ID, phone number and name of the institute (if applicable). The abstract should reach us on or before 25th Aug 2018 on our email The abstract should be sent in word format. The filename should be sent as Name_Title of the abstract

(e.g Albert Ellis_Creativity & Digitalization). Keep visiting our web pages!

Poster Presentations

Guidelines for Poster Presentation: Format: 300-word Abstract, Introduction, Method & Materials, Results, Tables & Figures, and Conclusions. Full Poster Size: 3’ x 4’ Border: 1/2 inch Poster Text size: Title - 80 PT., subtitle – 72 PT. With author name(s), designation, department(s), Body text – 22-25 PT. Any clearly readable font can be used.

Creative Classroom

A creative classroom is a 30-minute workshop in which participants will get the opportunity to present their creative ideas to the conference participants. The classroom/workshops will be held during the conference days and at the conference venue.

The participants are requested to send their ideas on any topic related to creativity. The covering page should include participant's name, title, email ID, phone number and name of the institute (if applicable). The ideas should reach us on or before 30th June 2018 on our email The ideas should be sent in word/pdf form.(FileName as: name_title of the idea (e.g Albert Ellis_Creativity & Digitalization). The acceptance notification will be sent by 31st July 2018.

6th Symp Program Scedule

**Note: The evening reception by City and CCE Finland is an optional event. It is not included in the registration fees. More information on this will be declared later in October.

Program Schedule

*CCE reserves the right to change the schedule

Screenshot 2018-11-10 at 13.33.21.png
Dates & Deadlines

Dates & Deadlines

Collaboration and Partners
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Symposium Fees

** CCE members will receive separate invoice according to the option they choose. The interested existing members and new members are requested to send an email including their name and days they want to attend to our info email address. Please note that there are only 3 options from which you need to choose one. It is mandatory to email the transaction ID of the membership fee payment to

Deserving students from developing countries may apply for sponsorship/(partial) waiver of registration fees. There is a possibility to get one.Kindly send your CV and letter of purpose to

For Student concession it is mandatory to submit photocopy of Student id card and letter from supervisor Or Head of the department..

Inclusions in the Fees:  ​ 
For Online Bank Transfer details

Account Name:        CCE FINLAND OY

Account Number:    FI 41 1146 3001 1433 92


Bank:                       Nordea                   

Currency:                 EURO

Refund Policy :
Cancellations before September 15, 2018- 100% refund **

Cancellations between September 15 and  Oct 6, 2018 - 50% refund **

Cancellations after October 6, 2018 - No refund (In Any Case) 

(** minus applicable bank charges)


Recommended Hotels

  • Holiday Inn Tampere Central Station

  • Scandic Tampere Hameenpuisto

  • Hotel Hermica, Tampere

  • Holiday Club Tampere Spa

  • Forenom apart hotel


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