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Frequently Asked Questions

Finnish Preschool in a Box-General questions

What ages is it for?

3 - 6 years

How does it work?

Use of the ECE box is meant to mainly benefit learners of three (3) to six (6) years of age. Also, most of the activities, ideas, teaching and learning aids may be successfully used in work with younger children when modificated and adjusted to needs. The toolkit can be used by teachers, other educators, parents, or any other persons working with children and willing to make use of best practices. It also contains a few items of the same supply to be used by several children in a group simultaneously during a specific activity. .

How much does it cost?

1 Euro/child/day

While calculating CCE box cost do holidays consider?

If holidays are there in your academic year then that days will be reduced from the costing e.g Summer holidays Saturday & sunday will not be reduced from the academic year while calculating the academic days

How to subscribe it? How to purchase it?

To subscribe CCE Box, follow below steps (1) Fill the online registration form (2) We will send you an acknowledgement once we received your registration (3) You will get an email from us for meeting to discuss further about CCE box & your actual requirement (4) After meeting & follow up, the box will be dispatched to your registered address

What does CCE box contain?

The Package consists of two parts: a User Guide in the form of a manual/booklet and a Toolkit in the form of the collection of teaching and learning aids/items/supplies. The User Guide serves the following purposes: 1) Introduces the concept of ECE in a box; 2) Describes the basic theoretical implications and pedagogy behind the concept of ECE in a box; 3) Provides step-by-step descriptions and instructions of educational activities that are fun and easy to replicate and of how the Toolkit materials (aids/items/supplies) are used; 4) Equip ECE box users with additional tips on how activities can be modified or extended to diversify learning experiences to maximize the learner’s potential.

What is the preschool in a box

Preschool in a box i.e Early Childhood Education box presents a Package for use in the real-time teaching and learning situation.

Why does preschool in a box?

The value of the ECE Box is in the teaching and learning aids/items/supplies have multiple purpose application and therefore enable educators and other practitioners to deliver important topics from multiple perspectives at the interface of cognitive, linguistic, personal, social, emotional and physical domains of children’s development. Thus, a single item can be used in a more targeted way to practice a specific skill during an activity/lesson/exercise (e.g. using a ball for practicing gross motor skills like catching, throwing, rolling, etc.). Or, the same item and, alternatively, a set of a few aids/items can engage a child’s several senses and skill areas since there are no limits to way that aids can be utilized when supplementing a more complex activity/lesson (e.g., a clear pocket cube with number cards and a ball for bouncing a number of time shown on the cube). As a result, the Toolkit has a high potential for supporting teachers’ and learners’

How can I contact you?

You can contact us at info@ccefinland.org

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