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CCE's India school Tour

CCE Finland is excited to extend a special invitation to participate in our upcoming School Tour in India.

Event Dates: 24 June 2024

Location: Satara, India


Why Attend?

  1. Gain Valuable Insights: Immerse yourself in the Finnish NEP system and gain invaluable insights into innovative teaching methodologies and student-led learning approaches.

  2. Network with Educational Leaders: Connect and collaborate with educational leaders from around the world, fostering meaningful partnerships and exchange of ideas.

  3. Accreditation Opportunities: Participating schools or institutions can adjust the EUR 250 fee within any of CCE Finland's Tours or programs if they choose to proceed with CCE Finland Accreditation/Associations. Additionally, the fee is exempted for schools that have already submitted an accreditation form with the initial registration fees.


Who Should Attend?

We recommend that senior leadership or decision-makers from your school/institution attend this exclusive event. Please note that the number of entries per school is limited to 3.

Registration Details:

Fee: EUR 1̶5̶0̶   EUR 99  (Includes entry for 1 person for both events)

Additional Personnel: EUR 100 each (Limited to 3 entries per school)

Payment Deadline: 30th May 2024

Inclusions of the Registration Fee:
School Visit & Experience
Networking Tea & Lunch
NEP Finnish Synergy Understanding


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