Frequently asked questions

Can I add fertility in the Fall ?

Adding soil fertility in the fall is the most effective way of establihing a healthy microbme. Top dress over existing pasture or work into recently plowed fields and allow nature to do it's work over the winter.

How does Grass Fed benefit me ?

  1. Grass Fed beef is in higher demand
  2. Sells at a significantly higher price point
  3. Reduce costs associated with anti-biotics, fertilizers and grain costs.
  4. Increase herd density per acre

Dung Bettles .... are you shittin' me ?

No, you heard that right

  1. Dung Bettles break down the cow pies within minutes
  2. Reduces fly larva incubation and helps with insect control, naturally
  3. Sequesters carbon into the soil

This seems labor intensive to me

You're absolutely correct, but it also reduces othere inputs at the same time.




  • Each presenter will get 15 min for presentation + 5 min for Q & A.

  • The Word limit for paper presentation - maximum 3000 words.

  • The presentation should be only in MS PowerPoint (ppt / pptx) or PDF formats.

  • The first slide should display the title of the presentation & name of the presenter.

  • Presentation time restrictions will be strictly followed.

  • The presenter will be provided with an LED screen with a USB drive (if required).

  • Presenters are requested to send your presentation in advance to avoid any last minute technology issues.

  • The deadline for presentation submission: 05.07.2020

The time slot for all the presentation with presenter's name will be updated on our website by 10th July 2020. The participants will be informed accordingly.

For more details please visit:


CCE has been always innovative in conducting Symposiums and Conferences. In order to make the event successful your active support is always appreciable.


Kindly note, full paper submission guidelines will be sent 2 weeks after the conference. Only final selected papers will be peer-reviewed and will be published in the form of an eBook with ISBN number.


  • Format: 300-word Abstract

  • Introduction, Method & Materials, Results, Tables & Figures, and Conclusions.

  • Full Poster Size: 3’ x 4’ Border: 1/2 inch Poster Text size: Title - 80 pt., Sub-title – 72 pt.

  • With author name(s), designation(s) department(s), Body text – 22-25 pt

Note: Please bring your own material which you require for a poster presentation.


Please feel free to email at for any queries, information and/or questions on your paper/poster/abstract, mentioning the type of query in the subject line.

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