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International Exhibition of Creative Experiments

Exhibition for Finnish Schools
Global Exhibition

This exhibition is meant for the interested applicants (Schools, Principals, Teachers, Educators, Researchers, Govt Educational officers, City officials etc) who wish to submit the Creative Experiment under the Finland Creative 100 Program. CCE's 5th Symposium on Creative Education with the theme "Together...We Create" invites the applications for the Creative Schools, Classrooms, Teachers, Experiments, Activities worked in your area. The applications will be shortlisted by global experts in Education and Creativity.

We are looking for ambitious global innovations that are already changing education worldwide. We want to know about projects/ideas/experiments  that are transforming learning and creative ways of teaching to make education fun and interesting

These innovations can range from small, one classroom projects to huge, nationwide initiatives. Our key criteria are that they are groundbreaking, scalable and easy to replicate.

The first global innovations will be revealed in the fall 2017 and after that annually.


Who can participate?


  • Schools from K-12

  • Group of teachers

  • Individual teachers

  • Higher education institute

  • Vocational Institute


How to participate?


You can participate in this exhibition by filling up our registration form with necessary information. CCE's review panel will review each application and will contact you with future steps for the presentation. If you or your school gets selected in the Final 100, then you need to pay participation fees mentioned in the table below. These participation fees are used towards arrangements for displaying your experiment in the exhibition.


Note: This is not for profit event


The experiment should be.....


  • Creative

  • Groundbreaking

  • Easy to replicate

  • Scalable

  • Encouraging learning

  • Leading to a new path in education

  • From any subject

Attractive prizes for Best 3 Ideas
Participaion Fees

Participation Fees

Inclusions in the #Creative100 Exhibition Fees:  
  •  Admission to the Exhibition area

  •  Copy of the Exhibition Plan

  •  Lunch on 11 Nov 17

  • Area for the display

Participants should bring their own printed material, stationery and arrangements for the exhibition

Reserve Place Online

Important Dates

Important Dates

Collaborators and Partners

Tampere University of Technology

Korkeakoulunkatu 10,
FI-33720 Tampere


Registration Form

Registration Form

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