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Diploma In Creative Pedagogy 


 Course Dates : 

For the Foundation Course - 

Jan - Feb 2020:

13th Jan - 07th Feb 20

CCE is delighted to announce its new diploma programs for creative pedagogy with its partner Learning scoop. We were getting requests from across the globe for this initiative. These programs are meant for Teachers, Teacher-students, Educators and leaders of various educational institutes.


The aim of these courses is to make you aware about the larger role of education in an upcoming century and at the same time make you well equipped to create the encouraging learning environment at your respective places.


There are total three courses created with a combination of online and onsite study modules. Foundation course for 4 weeks, Basic course for 12 weeks and Advanced course for 24 weeks.

Who Can Attend?

Educators, Teachers, University professors, Lecturers, Teacher Students, Principals and School administration teams

Course Content
Foundation Course
  • Introduction to the Finnish K-12 education

  • Methods for improving learning

  • Evaluation and assessment in Finnish education

  • The program includes 7 days of school visits, possibilities to talk and work with Finnish teachers, students

  • Own development project with distant support

  • Follow up will be provided through the advanced technological support

  • Online modules for 3 weeks, 1 week prior and 2 weeks later the visit to Finland

  • Duration: 4 weeks

Basic Course
  • Includes all the modules of Foundation course

  • Basic principles of learning in 21st century

  • Using creative teaching techniques in classrooms

  • Developing your own creative methods

  • Basics of Research Methodology

  • Finland education experience for 2 weeks

  • Learning advanced ICT tools

  • Collaborative learning

  • Being a coach

  • Online courses for 10 weeks, 1 week prior and 9 weeks later the visit to Finland

  • Duration: 12 weeks

Advanced Diploma
  • Finnish society, culture and education system

  • Learning concepts in the Finnish education system

  • Curriculum in Finnish basic education

  • Teaching methods and the promotion of learning

  • ICT in basic education

  • How to teach subject matter?

  • Pedagogical leadership

  • Learning environments and collaborations in Finnish schools

  • The school as a learning community

  • The future of education

  • Summary of own portfolio work

  • Own project work

  • The program includes 4 weeks shadowing & training in Finland

  • Online modules for 1 week prior and 19 weeks later the visit to Finland

  • Duration: 24 weeks

Note :

For more course details please contact us on

  • Foundation : 4 Weeks (with 1 week in Finland) 

  • Basic : 12 Weeks (with 2 weeks in Finland)  

  • Advanced : 24 Weeks (with 4 weeks in Finland)

Mode Of Delivery
  • Online

  • Workshops

  • Educational visit to Finland -  

    • Foundation - 1 week 

    • Basic - 2 weeks

    • Advanced - 4 weeks 

  • Development Project


Pay Online

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*CCE reserves the right to change the program depending on the batch size of the participants.

Registration Form

Registration Form

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