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14-16 OCTOBER 2020


Childcare and early childhood education build a foundation upon which every aspect of children’s development relies. The pandemic is putting that foundation under serious threat. Over 40 million children worldwide have missed out on early childhood education in their critical pre-school year as COVID-19 shuttered childcare and early education facilities. 

We know that optimal brain development requires a stimulating and enriching environment, learning opportunities, and social interaction with attentive caregivers.  Amongst these gloomy times, there are many of us, who are fighting with courage and finding new ways to cope with the unusual situation. At the same time, the crisis is also a strong driver of creativity and innovation. Creativity is at a peak in such circumstances where you need to be innovative in your day-to-day life, work, and survival. Unlock your creativity during this COVID-19 lockdown.

With your overwhelming response and immense support to our previous conferences, Council for Creative Education cordially invites you to ‘Early childhood education online conference’. Let's discuss the creativity and innovation across many nations, especially in early childhood education, in our Online ECE Conference from 14th to 16th October 2020.

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Who can attend?

Researchers and teachers (from Early Childhood Education), principals, educators, trainers, students from teacher education are welcome to present their ideas during live interactions with speakers. We believe that educators, entrepreneurs, parents, and students can greatly benefit from the presentations and conversations. We are also encouraging policy-makers responsible for various government institutes, educational policies to join this conference. Everybody is encouraged to join our event online.

For the viewerHow to attend?

You can attend this conference by visiting our Website, Facebook page, and CCE Finland youtube channel.

YouTube Live:

FB Live:

Anyone can attend/watch the conference sessions for free. If you want to receive the attendance certificate for the same, then you need to pay a small fee of 20 € for it.

For Paper Presenters, How to attend?

All pre-recorded videos and live interaction with the speakers will be streamed on various platforms, like CCE's YouTube channel, Facebook, and also on the Website.

papre themes
Paper Presentation Points
  • Word limit 2500 (maximum)

  • Language for Paper submission and Presentation-English

  • Title and names of authors, posts, addresses, emails, telephone numbers, etc. (No separate page for this. Write consecutively.)

  • Abstract: One paragraph in a row - all research topics in 1/2 sentences, about 300 words, concept words: 3/4

  • Importance of study, scope, the importance of the subject, scope, other concepts, and interpretations accepted by the researcher, format, references of other research. About 1000 words

  • Research Methodology About 1000 words

  • Tools/Instruments: About each instrument title, reference (name and year of the person), factors to be calculated, question type, number of questions, reliability and authenticity values, standard marks, etc. Information is essential

  • A detailed description of the training if given (basic format/formulas, intent, training methods, duration, trainer, place, etc.)

  • Data Collection & Analysis: Who, when, and how collected information; Stages, difficulties, etc .; Methods used in analyzing each type of information (quantitative, qualitative)

  • Results & Discussion: Tables according to each objective, their descriptions, meanings, estimates of why these results occurred, comparisons with other research, etc. About 500 words

  • Conclusions: According to each objective

  • Applications

  • References: Please note that a research essay cannot be accepted unless all and every name (including the test) in the essay is referenced in the APA format. Also, names not included in the essay should not appear in the reference list.

  • Notes, Acknowledgement, and Appendices: If any.

Instructions for sending Pre-recorded Video

Time: Max 6 minutes

  • Introduce yourself briefly at the beginning of the recording - 30 seconds

  • While recording the video, the background should be pale.

  • Be careful that there should not be background noise in your recording.

  • Make sure the sound is clear.

  • The video should be properly illuminated on your face.

  • You need to upload/send your paper in MS-Word format in Registration Form.

  • When you have finished recording, check it out before uploading.

  • You will get a Certificate for Paper Presentation at the conference (if you presented a paper)

  • You can also get a Conference Attendance Certificate, Register to receive the eCertificate


(6) Nurturing physical, Social, and Emotional development of children in new normal:


(7) Assessment methods during Online Education


(8) What if the devices are not available for Online Education?

(9) Adapting the ECE curriculum in the new normal


(10) Play and Engagement:

NOTE:- Other than the above theme, you can present any topic related to Early Childhood Education

(1) Building inclusive spaces - Innovative ways in the new normal: 

(2) Parenting in Pandemic:

(3) Alternative ways of educating Preschoolers:

(4) Tools and Technology for improved Delivery of ECE:

(5) The Learning Environment in a new normal:

Structure of the Conference

Considering the technical glitches and different time zones, CCE has come up with a unique approach for the online conference. The conference will be divided into two parts. The first part will be streaming the pre-recorded videos by the speakers according to the theme of their talk. The second part is the online live interaction with the speakers.

Fee date deadlines

Dates and Deadlines

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CONF coordinators
Co-ordinators of the Conference

Simran Ballani

Communication Head

  • An Educationist, Strategist & Change Maker with 22 years of experience in US and India

  • Zonal Head – Bangalore – South India – Early Child Development Forum (NGO)

  • Gold medallist in Early Childhood Education. Currently pursuing PG Diploma in Education Leadership

  • Training Specialist – ECDF & NABET – Quality Council of India

  • Research Paper Publication – International Journal of Educational and Pedagogical Sciences, World Academy of Science, Engineering     and Technology, UK and CCE Finland

  • Invitee Speaker/Panellist with CCE Finland, BITS Pilani, IIT Mumbai & other ED Tech conferences

  • Best Chief Learning Officer Award for year 2017 and 2020

  • Innovation Research Award Recipient for year 2019


Heramb Kulkarni

Head, ICT Development, and Strategy, CCE Finland

Speaker and trainer on EduTech, collaborative learning, and innovation across 12 countries. Trained more than 14000+ teachers, Educators, leaders on strategy, and ICT innovations Research.

Heramb consults many governments and large organizations across 3 continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa within key countries like Denmark, USA, Bahrain, and Indian states like Delhi, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra. His research areas are educational technology and creativity, global education reforms, and collaborative innovations. As an educator, social entrepreneur and technology wizard, he is on the advisory board of many educational institutes and innovative start-ups across Europe and India. He has held leadership positions across large MNCs like Nokia, Lucent Technologies, Skyworks, and Accenture with vast experience in technology, architecture and software development domain

Conference Speakers
RG Headshot 1 small.jpg

Rachel Geesa

Presentation Topic:

Integrative STEM Leadership for Early Childhood

Speaker Information:

  • Rachel Geesa, EdD, taught PK-12 art in Indiana and then served as a visual arts educator, gifted resources specialist, and assistant principal in the United States Department of Defense Education Activity schools in South Korea, Japan, and Virginia.

  • Upon completion of her doctoral degree in Educational Administration and Supervision at Ball State University, Rachel became an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Ball State University.

  • Rachel focuses her work and research on areas to support educational leaders' creative thinking, integrative STEM/STEAM education, and mentoring. 

Pirkko Karvonen.PNG

Pirkko Karvonen

Presentation Topic:

Playful Learning in Finnish Early Childhood Education: Pedagogical activities and care integrating language, art, mathematical and motor activities

Speaker Information:

  • She is a highly qualified professional in education holding a Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education and a Master`s Degree in Physical Education.

  • She has done her dissertation on Reading
    Games and Emergent Reading before the
    school age.

  • In addition, she has specialized in children´s Physical Education. She has written many manuscripts for children`s television programs enhancing language and mathematical learning by movement.

  • Pirkko Karvonen has worked at the University of Jyväskylä, the Faculty of Education and Psychology, as a lecturer and researcher in the discipline of early childhood education.

  • she is called “The Mother of Baby swimming in Finland” because she started baby swimming in
    Finland at the beginning of 1980's.

Parvani Dawar.jpg

Parvani Dawar

Presentation Topic:

Speaker Information:

  • Council for Awards in Child Care, Health and Education (CACHE) certification in Early
    Years Foundation Stage , UK

  • Certification in ‘Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar’, UK.

  • Certification in ‘Foundations of Storytelling’ from Storytelling Education and Arts Indian

  • Participated in ‘Hundred Languages of Children‘ a conference on the Reggio Emilia
    approach, Italy.

  • Participated in ‘ Finnish Phenomena ‘ a conference on the early years pedagogy of

  • Center Head, Indus Junior, Indore January 2014 – February 2015 following Montessori

  • Headmistress, Tirthanjali Academy Playschool, NDPS campus, Khandwa road, Indore
    from March 2015 to November 2019 following EYFS approach.

  • Headmistress, The Shishukunj Prechool from December 2020 to present.

  • Indore Territory Head of Early Childhood Association, India.

  • HundrED Ambassador and Academy Member
    Speaker at ECA Indore Edufest 2020

  • Felicitated for my contribution towards Early Childhood Education at national forums
    such as ‘Global Guru’s Conclave’, ‘Education Icon Awards’, Teacher Innovation Award

Dr. Koijam Sobita Devi.jpeg

Dr. Koijam Sobita Devi

Presentation Topic:

Speaker Information:

  • [MSc (Human Development), MA (Education), MEd, NET, PhD (Education)] is at present working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, Manipur University, Manipur, India. She has 24 years of teaching experience.

  • She has presented a
    good number of papers in national and international conferences and seminars. She has also published articles and research works in national and international journals.

  • She is also the author of the book, “Child Rearing in Manipur: Meiteis, Muslims and Tribes”.

  • She has been teaching Human
    Development, Early Childhood Care and Education, Childhood and Growing up, Educational Psychology, Assessment for Learning, Education in Contemporary India, and Guidance and Counselling. She has high interest in creative and exploratory activities.


Krista Stith

Presentation Topic:

Integrative STEM Leadership for Early Childhood

Speaker Information:

  • Krista Stith, PhD, began her teaching career as an adjunct professor and high school science educator in Southwest Virginia.

  • After completing her doctoral work in Curriculum & Instruction in the Integrative STEM Education Department of Virginia Tech, Krista became the Director of the Center for Gifted Studies and Talent Development at Ball State University.

  • She currently teaches pre-service teachers about STEM content and pedagogy and runs a K-5 STEAM Club. Krista has worked extensively in Integrative STEM Education initiatives at the local, state, and national levels.

Milla Salonen.PNG

Milla Salonen

Presentation Topic:

Playful Learning in Finnish Early Childhood Education: Pedagogical activities and care integrating language, art, mathematical and motor activities

Speaker Information:

  • She graduated with a master’s degree in education in the summer of 2020. She has worked as an Early Childhood teacher for 16 years.

  • Her goal is to challenge the personnel of
    ECEC to discuss and develop pedagogy, the role of the adult in play and in early childhood education in general, and on how the key contents and terms of the National core curriculum for early childhood education and care (2018) are understood for the best of children.

  • She has been involved in writing the work of From a Story to Play –A Handbook of Narrative Play.


Federica V. Villa

Presentation Topic:

Speaker Information:

  • She is a PhD student in “Education in Contemporary Society” at the University
    of Milano-Bicocca (Italy) and Primary school teacher.

  • Her research interests are in creative
    learning, creative teaching and the relationship between creativity and outdoor education
    from a socio-cultural perspective. She is member of the editorial board of an Italian
    pedagogic journal.

school picture of Tim.jpg

Tim Davis

Presentation Topic:

Speaker Information:

  • He is a preschool teacher in Finland since June 6th, 2011.

  • He has had six years of experience teaching preschool in Finland with tremendous success.

  • He is a qualified preschool teacher, English teacher, class teacher, and social studies teacher in Finland. Tim also has qualifications as an elementary and secondary teacher in Washington and Idaho. His specialized areas are English, reading, and social studies.

  • Tim has also had 13 years of experience teaching elementary school in the state of Idaho, USA. 

lukas profile.jpeg

Lukas Ritson

Presentation Topic: 


Play for Well-being

Speaker Information:

  • Lukas is fondly known as The Outdoor Educator.

  • He is a father of two, sustainability educator and the co-founder of Wearthy - an associate of CCE FInland.

  • Lukas is passionate about the outdoors, community sustainability, and children’s development. With a background in early childcare as an Outdoor Educator, Lukas has developed and implemented successful outdoor programs that nurture sustainable development.

Fenyvesi Kristof.jpg

Kristóf Fenyvesi

Presentation Topic:

Playful Learning in Finnish Early Childhood Education: Pedagogical activities and care integrating language, art, mathematical and motor activities

Speaker Information:

  • He is a Ph.D. holder and researcher of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and
    Mathematics) Trans- and Multidisciplinary Learning and Contemporary Cultural
    Studies in Finland, at the Finnish Institute for
    Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä

  • He is the Coordinator of Outreach Programs of the world’s largest mathematics, arts, and education community, the Bridges Organization (

  • He is a member of the European Mathematical Society’s Committee for Raising Public Awareness.

  • Between 2013-2017 he served as Chief Executive Officer of International Symmetry Association ( and in 2008 he started the Experience Workshop—Global STEAM Network (

Guerra-profilepic (1).jpg

Monica Guerra

Presentation Topic:

Speaker Information:

  • pedagogist, is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Human Sciences for Education "Riccardo Massa" of the University of Milan-Bicocca.

  • Interested in the role of the school as an instrument of change, she deals in particular with innovative models of school and learning contexts in and outdoors. She is the founding president of the cultural association Bambini e Natura.

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