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ePedagogy - Early Childhood Education 
Masterclass in Hybrid Teaching

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Course Content

  • Comprehensive 3-month online course on early childhood education and hybrid teaching.

  • Expert modules covering virtual and physical early childhood classrooms.

  • Strategies for building a strong classroom community in a hybrid environment.

  • Engaging parents in the learning process for better student outcomes.

  • Techniques for thriving and maintaining student engagement in a hybrid setting.

  • Understanding brain development's impact on learning and behavior.

  • Creating developmentally appropriate activities for optimized learning experiences.

  • Promoting language and literacy skills through effective strategies and activities.

  • Efficiently managing administrative tasks in a kindergarten setting.

  • Planning engaging circle time sessions and structuring the academic year effectively.

Mode of Delivery

Self-paced Online


12 weeks

Course Description

As educators, we are continually faced with diverse challenges in delivering online sessions, hindering the seamless flow of learning. These challenges may include training for online delivery, digital infrastructure, limited personal interaction, language barriers, parental involvement, and motivating both ourselves and participants. In response to the ever-evolving landscape of education, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, it has become imperative for teachers to embrace the fundamentals of online learning, student engagement, and netiquettes.


The ePedagogy ECE Masterclass in Hybrid Teaching is a comprehensive 3-month program designed to equip education professionals with the essential methodologies and skills needed for effective online teaching in kindergarten settings. Developed with Finnish research and certification, this masterclass is led by seasoned experts in the field.

Course Pre-requisite

Being able to communicate online professionally is going to be of ever-increasing importance to online education. Only if the facilitator is well versed with such online basics only then will he or she be able to act as a role model for students. We ask that you please join this course with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to learn, change  and communicate. We very much look forward to your participation in this program.  If you have questions about the program, please contact one of us.

Who can attend?
  • Early Years Educators: If you work with young children in their formative years, this masterclass is tailored just for you. Discover innovative teaching methods and strategies to make a lasting impact on your little learners.

  • Kindergarten Teachers: As a kindergarten teacher, you play a crucial role in shaping young minds. Join us to enhance your skills and create engaging learning experiences for your students.

  • Preschool Owners: As a preschool owner, you understand the importance of quality education. Enroll in this masterclass to gain insights into effective teaching practices and enrich your preschool's learning environment.

  • Teachers & Facilitators: Whether you are an experienced educator or new to the field, this masterclass is perfect for refining your teaching techniques and staying ahead in the evolving world of education.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your teaching journey.

Join the ePedagogy ECE Masterclass and become a confident and effective educator for the early years!


Simran Ballani  

Meet Simran, an esteemed Doctorate candidate from the European International University, France, with 24 years of experience in Early Childhood Education (ECE) in the US and India. As the Pedagogical Director at CCE Finland, she leads School Development Programs and Research & Development, bringing the best practices of Finnish early years education to educators worldwide.


Enroll in the ePedagogy ECE Masterclass to learn from Simran's expertise and become a nurturing and effective educator, shaping the future of our youngest learners. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to embrace the essence of Finnish early years education.

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