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Frequently Asked Questions for 5th Symposium (FAQs)


Please Refer to This List of Frequently Asked Questions before raising any query!

These Frequently asked questions and answers should address your most of the queries in relation to the Symposium. In case you need further clarifications or your queries are not addressed in this FAQ, kindly contact us at




What is the difference between Conference and Symposium?

Symposium: A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject. A collection of essays or papers on a particular subject by a number of contributors. The symposium is a bit casual in nature, and there is not much pressure on the delegates to perform or present lectures in the best possible manner as is the case in other academic events. There are lunch breaks, tea, snacks, etc. for breaking the ice and networking.

Conference: A formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days. For Ex: an international conference on the environment.


Is it an international Symposium?

Yes, it is an international Symposium. And, it is fourth in a series of international symposium dedicated to the advancement in theory and practices in education, being organized by CCE Oy, Finland.


Who should attend?

Teachers, principals, educators, trainers, students from pre-primary, primary, secondary section are welcome to present their ideas of creativity which can be used in teaching School subjects.  Any education enthusiast can participate in this symposium. If you want to understand the secret of success of the Finnish education system, this is the only platform for you!


Why to attend?

Children love to be creative and when stress free, they perform their best. By fostering, encouraging and being conducive towards this most important need of a child, we can remarkably improve the overall quality of education towards children. This Symposium is one of the series of international symposiums being organized by CCE Oy, focussing on “Education Through Creativity”. Paper presentation is not mandatory for attending the Symposium.


What benefit do I have as a teacher by attending this Symposium?

To develop and to judge the effectiveness of your teaching methods through the creativity.   

  • As a Trainer and  Teacher,  you will get insights into: Guidelines to reinvent outdated teaching models to enhance personalized learning for developing creative students it will ensure that your teaching remains refreshed, relevant and based on the advanced researched teaching techniques and methodologies. Secure faculty buy- in with effective professional development tactics. It will help for smooth transitioning to post-secondary education.   

  • As a Principal and Management, you will get insight into: How to improve your school student performance through innovation and creativity methods. Knowledge is acquired for testing and innovative teaching strategies from the teachers and experts who use them every day. Understanding technology skills set to increase classroom engagement through emerging technologies. Also get an idea of new  strategies to measure student and teacher’s performance.  

  • As a Presenter and Exhibitor, you will: Gather and exchange ideas through paper presentation and exhibiting your innovation and new technologies with Finland and India based pioneer in Education.   

  • An Education Enthusiast, you will: Discover the best practices on integrating social media and games in teaching. Creative education is always a lifelong learning and contribute towards building a better society of the future.


Can I receive academic credit by attending the conference?

CCE Finland Oy will provide the certificate for the participation and paper presentation after successful participation in the Symposium. If one would like to receive the academic credits, kindly consult your university. CCE Finland Oy has no role to play in giving credit.


What is the required type of Visa for the Symposium?

For Finland Symposium Schengen Visa is required.You need to apply to Finland Embassy  or  any Schengen country consulate or embassy in your country of residence.


What are the cancellation possibilities and refund policies?

If the Participant canceled his registration in any case,

Refund Policy: (** minus applicable bank charges)

Cancellations before September 15, 2017 - 100% refund **

Cancellations between September 15 and  Oct 6, 2017 - 50% refund **

Cancellations after October 6, 2017 - No refund (In Any case)


Venue and arrival in Tampere


Where is the Symposium?

It will be at the Tampere University of Technology

Korkeakoulunkatu 10,
FI-33720 Tampere


How to arrive in Tampere?

By Bus: Timetables and tickets for bus from Helsinki to Tampere and vice versa can be found at

And also at

By Train: Connections by train between Tampere and Helsinki are good. There are also connections to Tampere from other Finnish cities.You can see the timetable and buy the tickets online from the train website that is

By Flight: Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is about 15 kilometers southeast of the city.

You can take a bus or taxi from Pirkkala airport to Tampere.

The taxi can be called at +358 100 4131.


How to reach Tampere University of Technology?

The bus transportation in Tampere is very good. The conference venue is accessible by bus. Transport in the city area is by the blue buses.

The bus timetable can be found at

You can use the journey planner to find the exact bus connection that suits your location.

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