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The course is about how digital cultures intersect with learning cultures online, and how our ideas about online education are shaped through “narratives”, or big stories, about the relationship between people and technology. We’ll explore some of the most engaging perspectives on digital culture in its popular and academic forms, and we’ll consider how our practices as teachers and learners are informed by the difference of the digital. We’ll look at how learning and literacy is represented in popular digital-, (or cyber-) culture, and explore how that connects with the visions and initiatives we are seeing unfold in our approaches to digital education.


Teachers, learning technologists, educators and people with a general interest in education who want to deepen their understanding of what it means to teach and learn in the digital age.

Who can attend ICT training ?


This course is specially design for School / University Administration, Management, ICT coordinators, Web Admin, Teachers, Teacher Students (B.Ed, M.Ed), University professors, Lecturers,


Highlights of ICT Training  and Workshop Program


- What is ICT? and what ICT is not?

- Why should we use ICT in schools /colleges?

- The strategy and planning for making your school / college / university ICT enabled

- Innovations and collaboration

- Teacher is must! Tool is nothing

- Using ICT for better communication with parents and society

- Examples and Use Cases of universities / schools using ICT

- Hands On working with few tools which can be used in schools / universities


Benefits and Training outcomes


- Understanding and building ICT / Digital education culture in your school/ university

- Focus on critical teaching tasks and let technology do the rest

- Use student's favorite mobile apps for learning

- Communicate better with external stakeholders





  • ICT in Education /Educational Technology

  • Using ICT tools effectively in classroom

  • Digital Education and E-learning

  • Digital game based learning

2 Days Training Cum Workshop on ICT in education


Trainer :  Heramb Kulkarni


Training Dates & Time


6th & 7th July 2019


09:00 - 17:00

Group Discount

For a group of 5 or more, kindly contact us at info@ccefinland.org


Requirements :


  • Own laptop / tablet / android phone (wireless internet will be provided if you are attending from our office)

  • This is an Interactive Online Training

  • Internet connection 10 MBPS


Note : CCE is not responsible for poor connectivity of internet. Trainings are not repeatable.


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