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Implementing Finland Curriculum in Indian Context

- 11th January 2020 -

Finland is an example of a country that has not followed many of the global education reform principles. There are no standardized tests or school inspections but the education system leans on “intelligent” accountability. This means that while there are national quality standards for learning and teaching in the form of the national core curriculum and laws and regulations, there are no rankings of the schools based on test results. However, the self-evaluation of schools and education providers exists and is regularly applied.

The Finnish education policy values more quality and less control and competition. Schools, teachers, and local authorities are trusted and there is a political consensus about the commonly agreed goals of education.

What makes Finnish schools consistently excellent? A curriculum reform adopted by the Finnish National Agency for Education in 2016 set key goals that are clear reflections of the Finnish approach to education: enhancing student participation, increasing the meaningfulness of learning and enabling every student to feel successful in their academic and social-emotional learning. The students set goals, solve problems and assess their learning based on set targets. The principles that guide the development of Finland’s national educational system emphasize the school as a learning community. 

Seminar Highlights:-
  • Finland Education Model

  • Key Principles that make Finnish Education a Success

  • Transversal Skills

  • Multidisciplinary Learning

  • Students’ Assessment

  • Activating Classrooms

Who can attend?

Teachers, Principals, Educators, Teacher Trainers, Researchers, 
School Owners and Parents as well.


You can only participate in the seminar,  No paper presentation are invited. Seminar only in the English language.


Heramb Kulkarni

Head, ICT Development, and Strategy - CCE Finland

Speaker and trainer on EduTech, collaborative learning, and innovation across 12 countries. Trained more than 14000+ teachers, Educators, leaders on strategy and ICT innovations Research. Heramb consults many governments and large organizations across 3 continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa within key countries like Denmark, USA, Bahrain and Indian states like Delhi, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra. His research areas are educational technology and creativity, global education reforms and collaborative innovations. As an educator, social entrepreneur and technology wizard, he is on the advisory board of many educational institutes and innovative start-ups across Europe and India. He has held leadership positions across large MNCs like Nokia, Lucent Technologies, Skyworks and Accenture with vast experience in technology, architecture and software development domain.​

Seminar Date, Time Schedule & Payment Details:-

Seminar Date:- 11th January 2020

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