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Live Course For Creative Pedagogy and Classroom Management

Council for Creative Education, Finland (CCE) conducted  International Workshops and Teachers training across the globe. It received an overwhelming response from the various and enthusiast education stakeholders from all over the places.


During CCE's visit to many countries, we got loads of inquiries for further training, considering the demand from the teachers and educators, we are offering our interactive online training program.

CCE for Teachers

The teacher is a gardener who nourishes the seeds of learning, thinking, dreaming and creativity of their students. When you are taking care of this wonderful garden, you might need a ‘fertilizer’ to enhance healthy growth. CCE promises to provide you those with our variety of training.


Understanding yourself

We at CCE consider that teachers are individuals, so they have their own unique style to look at their teaching, their students and their school. Before we start bombarding the techniques on you, we want you to understand yourself, your strengths, potentials, interests, likings. We do this with the help of interviews, questionnaires.


Personalized touch

Our online training makes it possible that we talk in small groups that have room for a personal touch. We hear you too. We wish to empower the teacher, so it is a symbiosis where we let you grow at your own speed.


Enhanced teaching skills

With our teaching experts, you shall be able to enhance your teaching skills as a classroom teacher as well as a subject teacher. Our trainers offer creative teaching techniques for all subjects including Maths, Science, Languages, Arts. The techniques will be given with ‘food for thought’ as the next new techniques stand on the solid theoretical base.


Go global

During the training, you will get a chance to communicate with international trainers as well as other teachers from different parts of the globe. You will get a chance to hear from other teachers and to share your success stories.



After the successful completion of CCE training modules, you will receive a certification from CCE, which will help your professional advancement.

Online Teachers Training

CCE arranging online training for teachers in service, student teachers and educators. Crash courses also available for outstation teachers or educators on Fridays and Saturdays.


The training is online and you can attend it from anywhere.

Course Content

Course Content

  • Teaching Vs Learning

  • Teaching with five senses

  • Introduction to Creative Pedagogy

  • Learning about Neurotransmitters

  • Purpose of Creativity in education

  • Finding your teaching style

  • Collaborative learning

  • ICT in education/Education technology

  • Using narratives as a teaching tool

  • Creative mathematics


Training Dates & Time

21-22 Jan 2021


2 Days Online Certificate Course

Thursday - Friday - 9 am -  2 pm ( EET )


Trainers & Content Designer


Mr. Heramb Kulkarni

Ms. Shirin Kulkarni

Ms. Marja Suurla

Ms. Prajakti Gokhale

Fees For Individual

Payment - 300 Euro per person 

Group Discount

For a group of 5 or more, kindly contact us at


Note: If there are not 10 participants in a batch then we will transfer the paid participants to the next batch.



This is a Live Interactive Online Training


  • Internet connection 4 MBPS

  • Webcam 

  • Notebook and pen

  • Headphone or microphone

  • Minimum 10 participants in 1 batch


Note: CCE is not responsible for the poor connectivity of the internet. Training is not repeatable.

Online bank transfer details 


  • Account Name: CCE Finland Oy

  • Account Number: FI 41 1146 3001 1433 92


  • Bank: Nordea

  • Currency: Euro

To know more call at: +358504839418 (Finland) / +919890436368 (India)

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