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Administrative Responsibility during a LOCK DOWN

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Administrative responsibility during a lockdown: What’s the meaning of Administration? It’s simple - the process of running a business or an organization. As a part of Administration, The responsibility of an administrator to take care of significant activities and decisions to run the business smoothly. As everyone is aware of the current situation in India and worldwide, due to COVID-19 and country lockdown situation, all the activities have been stopped. At this time, it’s challenging to manage the team spirit on priority. It’s good that all our team members have been working remotely for a long time. We are connecting through online tools like google hangout, and Skype, it is not that much challenging to communicate regularly. On another side, we should consider Financial planning and marketing strategy for the current year and future year. During the lockdown situation, there is no business movement, and so trying to cut down the expenses can be avoided. As a team, it is very much needed to be more concentrated on future business as well.

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