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”Design from Finland” mark awarded to SISU Preschool box attracting the global interest

The Design from Finland-mark committee has awarded the Design from Finland -mark to CCE Finland ́s SISU box-concept highlighting the Finnish expertise in the field of early childhood education and care. The Design from Finland mark may be awarded to the product or service designed in Finland, provided that the company has demonstrably invested in Finnish design. The mark provides consumers in Finland and abroad with evidence of Finnish design excellence. Well-designed products and services are better to use, and consumers find them more desirable.

SISU Preschool box presents a research-based tool-kit for use in real-time teaching and learning in preschools and kindergarten. The SISU Preschool Box concept turns into a field of early childhood education and has a goal to reach for international markets. The box is designed for preschools and teachers which includes teaching aids, games, activities, and EdTech Solutions designed by Finnish preschool teachers as per the Finnish ECE Curriculum.

Recently, CCE Finland has signed the agreements with the preschools and collaborators across Thailand, India, Indonesia and Kazakhstan to roll out SISU Preschool boxes in respective countries.

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