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Finnish Delegation witnesses Innovative Learning Methods at CCE Finland's Chennai School

Updated: 3 days ago

A high-profile Finnish delegation, led by Ambassador Kimmo Lähdevirta, recently visited a Chennai school affiliated with the Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland. Their mission? To explore the implementation of CCE Finland's innovative Phenomenon-Based Learning (PhBL) program. This groundbreaking approach immerses students in real-world problem-solving through engaging projects, fostering critical thinking and essential skills.

Following in-depth teacher training workshops conducted last year, CCE Finland established a robust support system to ensure successful PhBL implementation. Experienced mentors provide continuous guidance throughout the year, while a comprehensive library of resources and materials empowers teachers to design dynamic PhBL projects. Regular sessions with teacher ensured the program's effectiveness and allowed for adjustments as needed. This commitment to ongoing support built upon the strong foundation established by the initial training, maximized the benefits of PhBL for students!

The delegation's visit wasn't just about observation; it was a day of inspiration and collaboration. Warmly welcomed by school leadership, the delegation witnessed PhBL firsthand in early childhood and Grade 7 classrooms. Observing student interactions and the practical application of the program provided valuable insights into how PhBL fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

A formal session offered deeper exploration. Presentations showcased the school's PhBL programs and innovative approaches, with teachers and students themselves presenting their projects and highlighting the program's impact. Ambassador Lähdevirta and other delegates actively participated in discussions, providing valuable feedback and exploring potential collaborations.

Ambassador Lähdevirta, visibly impressed by the implementation, quoted, "I am highly impressed by the implementation of Phenomenon-Based Learning here. It's a true reflection of Finnish pedagogy in action. The students' enthusiasm for learning and the teachers' dedication to innovative teaching practices are truly inspiring to see."

Dr. Lisa Thovioin, Education Counselor, had a chance to interact with teachers and students on the phenomenal learning program. She expressed her appreciation, noting, "This interaction was very rewarding. Their insights into the various teaching practices and the implementation of the program are invaluable."

A guided tour of the school further allowed the delegation to meet teachers and students directly involved in PhBL projects. Informal discussions and networking during the lunch break fostered a deeper connection between the two nations dedicated to advancing educational practices. A teacher, presenting a student PhBL project on sustainable waste management, beamed, "It was a privilege to showcase our work to the delegation. We are grateful for CCE Finland's support, which allows us to provide our students with such engaging and effective learning experiences." 12-year-old student, who participated in the project, added excitedly, "Learning through PhBL is so much fun! It makes us think critically and find solutions to real-world problems."

This visit underscores the shared commitment between Finland and India to create a future-ready generation. By cultivating creative and holistic learning environments through innovative programs like PhBL, students are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in the ever-evolving world. CCE Finland, a key player in this initiative, is renowned for its tailored teacher training and school development programs, all grounded in Finnish educational expertise. Their efforts, along with collaborative visits like this one, contribute significantly to enriching the educational landscape in India and beyond. Ms. Mita Venkatesh, Academic Advisor, and Mr. N Kumar, Chairman, echoed this commitment, expressing their continued support for Finnish educational implementations, CCE Finland's NEP accreditation efforts, and pursuing further school development programs.

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