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Internship during COVID-19

An internship is not just working on the job there, but it is a process by which you can be able to develop the idea of demonstrating the principles.

All the programs in CCE Finland are based on realizing the concept through working. Whatever we learn, we try to reflect it, relate our experiences, and then implement it. We see and experience ourselves, whether those concepts worked. Based on this principle, we have combined all our courses with internship or project development. The basic idea is to verify our learning or self evaluate our knowledge and see it in practice. So to achieve this goal, there can be multiple options. The first is a standard internship where you go and work with one of the preschools or schools or any of the organizations where you can be able to demonstrate your skills. In the COVID-19 situation, we have to follow the social distancing and are forced to lockdown at home. All the schools are closed. Many times we can not see any near term where we can be able to complete those internship programs. So in these cases, our principle remains the same as how we can demonstrate the skills. Now there are two-three options that can be easily acceptable and demonstratable.

Under the project development

(1) You can be able to develop a program or project within your school where you will be implementing the skills that you have learned may be through the leadership program or the early childhood education development program. Under that, you can be able to create a project plan and how you are going to implement it, document it in detail. And then, you design a step by step mechanism of how you are going to implement it once the schools open.

Under research and observation

(2) Based on whatever you learned in both the programs, can you be able to relate these experiences in the real-time world within your schools?

And those real-time experiences, you have to demonstrate it, document it and then make a case study and write a blog or article on that and then submit it.

(3) Peer to peer learning - We are fortunate that every year we get educators from more than 14 countries here in our programs. For the same program, we can create a network. We have a network of educators where we can connect you with other peer principals or peer teachers and where you will share the experience and create a typical project, learn from each other's experiences and document the learning, and demonstrate the skills in a defined manner.

So what does this mean by a defined manner?

Ans: You can be able to document it as a program or as a project. Then it will be easier for you to list down how many skills you can be able to demonstrate, out of which you learn. It is not only skills but also a creation of new knowledge through which we can develop.

We are sure that most of you are highly creative and highly effective leaders, so how we can be able to create and demonstrate a learning program where peer to peer assignments will be there. You have to work with other principals or teachers and then lead their team or guide them in such a way that they can be able to develop a new program within their schools. At the same time, with the feedback of the other teacher how you can be able to create a program within your school.

You can also suggest the creative ways to manage the COVID-19 internship program for early childhood education and program in the pedagogical leadership course.

Thank you very much.

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