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Is this the coolest kindergarten ever? The magnificent structure catches the eye in Vantaa

A new three-storey kindergarten has been completed in Tikkurila, Vantaa.

This is what a crocodile slide looks like. CITY ​​OF VANTAA

Tikkurila in Vantaa will be taken on Tuesday 12th November use of a new three-story kindergarten.

According to the city's announcement, the kindergarten will meet the growing need for a kindergarten in downtown Tikkurila. In spite of its size, the building has been designed according to the city so that each group of children will operate inside a smaller 'home area' that is easily perceived.

The three floors were chosen because as much playground as possible was available on the site.

There are four separate entrances for groups of children. Each has its own kuraeteinen and toilet - washing facilities. The specialty of the kindergarten is the “crocodile slide”.

- The transition of groups of young children is solved by a large elevator that can accommodate the whole group at once with their teacher. Groups will step outside. The yard can be accessed, among other things, along a joyous crocodile slide, the city newsletter describes.

Vantaa has no previous experience with a three-story kindergarten. According to the city, users have worked closely with designers and solutions have been found to the challenges.

(Source: Iltalehti)

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