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Sunset Chaser…..

From Denial to Nightmare…..

Mid of March 2020 – I suddenly stepped into a life of denial from a perfect normal life – What’s corona and why can’t I travel and why will my workplace even close for few weeks? These were my top denial statements to myself.

As April approached, this denial rapidly turned into a nightmare! While I was with loving family and my close pals just a call away – I started missing my travel, work and freedom. It was quite harrowing for a perky girl like me to witness a complete stop to everything normal and beginning of a box-in life! Many days I hit the rock bottom and first time in life did not know what to do with myself. However, its well said when we hit rock bottom the only way is journey upwards!

When I opted for Positivism …

I started by taking one day at a time and looking/dressing up the best each minute. Also, it was time to start working on goals that I had parked aside; such as studying further, new art project, expanding my work network to international arena and reading. It was time to see what could be accomplished amidst tsunamis of Lockdowns and Curfews!!

Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures and elimination of negative elements around me was mother of all goals! This also meant taming the inner demons of fear. Have I been able to accomplish all of it? Not yet, but I’m very proud of my journey so far and keeping by promise of optimism renewal each day!

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp

My positive manifestation turned out to be like Aladdin’s magic lamp and here is what worked perfectly well:

  1. I wished for my work to resume in whatever way it could in new normal and we are doing pretty well given the circumstances.

  2. Wanted to always study further, enrolled in Education Leadership post graduate program with Asian college.

  3. Being a part of international education forum was a dream – now I’m part of CCE Finland’s Review & Research group.

  4. My Dad always wanted me to do something for Government of India even if its pro-bono – I was selected to train 80 educators by NABET – Quality Council India.

  5. Research paper publication by an international research house was another dream that turned into reality – My paper got published by World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, UK.

  6. Public speaking has been a recent obsession and suddenly even during Covid-19 – there were invites to attend webinars as speaker, panellist and moderator

Last but not the least this new normal made me realize that it’s high time I start giving back to society. I was looking for a foundation doing some meaningful and innovative work – I’m now a member of ECDF – Early Childhood Development Forum. We are already planning up-liftment projects for Pre-schools in Southern part of India.

Be grounded but keep wanting more….

Though I ache going back to normal life, yet I cannot help but be immensely grateful for what is unfolding while I’m busy chasing my dreams and not giving up. My better half politely suggested not to keep talking about me in this blog 😊but I strongly feel the only way to inspire others – is to be honest about your personal struggles, defeats, sadness and triumphs.

Power of manifestation and positivism is lot more than we give the term credit for. It’s actually as simple as manifesting and in turn universe conspiring to make it real. This has been also a great time to nurture key relationships and clearly knowing which doors to close and keep focus on positive people in life.

Sunset Chaser….

A sunset chaser, in case you don’t know – is one who spies a beautiful sunset-in-the-making and then needs one more prime viewpoint to absorb its beauty yet again. Similarly, if you are having a tough day, or a tough week or even a tough 2020; you’re not alone, keep going – it will get easier I promise. Try to find good things in every part of your day, smile at people or dial that bestie and have a heartfelt conversation. You’d be surprised at how good the small things make you feel. Overcome fear and the things that make you apprehensive or nervous. Leave the fear behind and go get what you want.   😊

Thank you for reading through! May you keep manifesting and chasing your dreams…..


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