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Early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Finland is based on an integrated approach to education and care, the so-called “EduCare” model. The legislation defines ECEC as a planned and goal-oriented entity of education, upbringing, and care, with an emphasis on pedagogy.
All children under school-age are entitled to early childhood education and care should their parents to decide. Until recently regulations focused on parents’ entitlement to have to have a daycare place for their children. The new ECEC Act (2015) approaches the ECEC as a right of the child


ECEC centers gather for children from the age of 0 to the beginning of school at the age of 7. Other forms of ECEC services include family day care as well as various club and open ECEC activities organized by municipalities, local parishes and non-governmental organizations for children and their families.


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Early Childhood Education (ECE) Tour - 2024

PriceFrom €1,950.00
  • The program is meant for school principals for ECE (Kindergarten, Preschool), management, administrators, educators, ECE trainers & senior teachers who are looking for implementing changes for a better education especially in the field of Early childhood Education.

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