What are the benefits of this course? Why should you attend?


  • Proven skills and strategies to maximise your potential as ICT coordinator
  • The role of the ICT co-coordinator has a growing significance in raising standards within schools.
  • This course will help staff to approach ICT roles with confidence in a very well communicated and progressive way.
  • Participants will gain insights on developing an action plan that is specific to their own school.

ICT in Education / Educational Technology

Participant Status
  • - What is ICT? and what ICT is not?
    - Why should we use ICT in schools /colleges?
    - The strategy and planning for making your school / college / university ICT enabled
    - Innovations and collaboration
    - Teacher is must! Tool is nothing
    - Using ICT for better communication with parents and society
    - Examples and Usecases of universities / schools using ICT
    - Handson working with few tools which can be used in schools / universities