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Speakers: Milla Mikkola and Shirin Kulkarni


Introduction of the course

This short course is suitable for anyone who wants to know about the importance of play in Finnish Early Childhood education. It’s a very crisp and clear course. Parents, teachers, and any individual interested in the topic can take this course.


Milla Mikkola:

Milla is an Early Childhood Education and EdTech expert. She has a degree in Social Services and Early childhood education. She has worked as a teacher and manager in Finnish kindergartens. She has planned, implemented, and guided teachers in Finnish Early Childhood pedagogy. Milla is especially passionate about personalized learning in early education. Milla is a Co-founder at Kindiedays, a digital solution to support children's learning and quality early childhood education. Milla collaborates with CCE for SISU preschool.


CCE has already launched preschools in many countries including Taiwan, South Korea, and India based on Finnish pedagogy and creative education.

Importance of Play in Finnish Early Childhood Education

  • 1. How much time is given to play in Finnish daycares?

    2. How to plan the daily routine in the Finnish daycares and what are the considerations

    3. Most of the time the children are playing, then when do they learn?

    4. Structured play Vs Free Play

    5. Is there any research foundation for the use of play in early childhood education? Explaining  the neurological basis for the play

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