The purpose of education is to promote life-long and broad learning leading to holistic development and well-being of all learners as well as to improve their skills for living in a sustainable way.

The phenomenon-based learning (PhBL or PhenoBL) is a multidisciplinary, constructivist form of learning or pedagogy where students study a topic or concept in a holistic approach instead of in a subject-based approach. 

The goal of phenomenon-based learning is to prepare learners to handle real-world problems in an active learning environment using various discovery methods. This is easier said than done. In this practical, hands-on course, the course participants will explore the path to PhBL by using practical case studies, best practices, and examples of the failed cases too.


Benefits / Why Should you attend?


  • Understand the basic principles ann evolution of Phenomenon Based Learning
  • Explore your own ways of handling the PhBL Projects
  • Learn from the practical case studies
  • Improve your classroom learning environment where students will the responsibility for their own learning (Student Agency)


Couse Content

  • Introduction to 21st Century Skills

    • Content Vs Skills

    • Old Vs New Pedagogy

    • Tranvsersal Competences

  • Curriculum as guiding document: Learning Outcomes

  • Phenomenon Based Learning: Introduction

    • Understand the difference between Project Vs Phenomenon Based Learning

    • Evolution of PhBL : Process and Outcome

    • Reality Vs Myths

    • Assessing the Learning

  • Case studies and Examples from the Finnish School
    • Grades 3-4-5 : Human Body

    • Grades 10-11 : Active outdoor learning

  • Adapting Phenomenon Based Learning in your context
    • Case Study from Columbia

  • Designing a PhBL Plan
    • Reflections and Summary



Phenomenon Based Learning

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    • Live Interaction with the Trainers for the duration of the course
    • Access to LMS and Learning Material (up to 1 year)
    • Feedback / peer-review over the assignments
    • eCertificate with verifiable Unique ID