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CCE is delighted to announce its online program for Pedagogical Leadership. There are an increasing interest and awareness about the Finnish way of leading the school - famously known as Pedagogical Leadership. The course aims to provide the participants with a strong foundation of the key principles of leadership in education and principals work. It will introduce the basics of Finnish School system, its leadership and practical ways of handling administrative and pedagogical issues in the school. This course makes you think about your leadership style which helps you to develop the future high-quality learning environment.


  • Introduction & definition of Pedagogical Leadership
  • Know more about Finland Education System
  • Curriculum as a guiding document
  • Evaluation/Assessment system in Finland
  • 21st-century skills
  • A student-centred approach in education
  • Modern ways of teaching
  • Project development
  • Coaching and teaching, what´s the difference?
  • Pedagogical discussions as a tool for principal
  • Principal and HR-management
  • Modern learning environments



12 weeks

Theory lessons - 8 weeks

Internship - 4 weeks

*Internship is a mandatory part of this course. The participants need to find a nearby schools or highschool. CCE will provide the necessary documentation for the internship.



Teachers to become principals or present principals, Administrators.



  • Online Workshops

  • Development Project

Program In Pedagogical Leadership

Batches will strat from
    • 8 weeks of content´s implementation (slide materials, recording sessions and online meetings)
    • 4 weeks steering and guidance
    • Up to 90 days: 80% of the cost will be refunded
    • Up to 30 days: 50% of the cost will be refunded
    • Less than 30 days: no refund
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