Benefits / Why Should you attend?

This is a unique course, first time designed aiming at support staff in the school. Support staff is an integral part of the school but often neglected as not being considered of any educational use. CCE wants to pull them in the main stream education as they have good rapport with the students. They are the observers of the students outside classroom. Support staff includes all the people working in and for school, they may be house keepers, peons or other assistants. After this course the support staff will be able to understand the importance of their role, concept of creativity, an overview of education system.

Support Staff Training - advanced

Participant Status
  • -Underlining the role of support staff as a link between Students and  Teachers
    -Increasing their understanding about the education system
    -Role playing training- meaning, learning and practice
    -Creating a system for giving feedback about students' behavior outside the classroom
    -Helping the teachers as assistant during their lessons as and when required