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Winter Wonderland Tour


Embark on an unforgettable adventure with the Winter Wonderland Tour in Finland, where the stunning landscapes of Helsinki and Rovaniemi await you. Join us on a unique journey that combines Finland's world-renowned education system with its breathtaking natural and cultural wonders.




  • School Visits: Begin your exploration by visiting local schools and witnessing the heart of Finland's educational philosophy. Experience a nurturing environment and innovative teaching methods that prioritize holistic development. Engage in discussions with school leaders, educators, and students.

  • Workshops: Engage in hands-on learning experiences through workshops. Gain practical insights into classroom practices, curriculum design, assessment methods, and the integration of technology in teaching and learning.

  • Cultural Activities: Travel to Rovaniemi, affectionately known as the "capital of the north." This magical location offers an ideal setting to explore both Finland's educational landscape and its natural wonders. 

  • Reflective Practice and Knowledge Sharing: Participate in reflection and knowledge-sharing sessions with your peers. Coffee sessions and structured reflection times provide a platform to discuss challenges, share best practices, and brainstorm innovative ideas for enhancing education in your respective contexts.

Winter Wonderland Finland Tour

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