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Speakers @ Symposium / Seminar

Prof. Eero Ropo - Tampere, Finland

  • Senior Professor and internationally acknowledged researcher from Department of Education, University of Tampere, Finland

  • A renowned expert in Educational psychology ,ICT in education, Teacher education and Curriculum theory


Elina Harju - Tampere, Finland

  • Chief Coordinator for Finland Education Internationalization Network

  • Experienced inter-cultural Teacher’s trainer


S.A. Patankar - Pune, India

  • A noted educationists and American Fulbright Scholar

  • Ex- principal of Tilak College of Education and on advisory boards of premium education institutes


Shirin Kulkarni - Tampere, Finland

  • Researcher in the field of Creativity in Education and innovator for Creativity-Identity Model

  • Director for CCE Finland and leads a panel for educators for creative pedagogies in schools across multiple countries


Dr. Mikko Ketovuori - Turku, Finland

  • A well-known expert in the field of "Education through Music" 

  • Professor and lecturer from University of Turku, Finland

Dr. Kaarina Marjanen - Kuopio, Finland

  • Expert and researchers in the field of music and education - interconnections and pre-natal education

  • Professor and lecturer from University of Eastern Finland 


Marja Suurla - Tampere, Finland

  • International trainer and researcher for Education and learning though paintings

  • Follows Waldorf pedagogy and teacher from Steiner School, Tampere


Heramb Kulkarni  - Tampere, Finland

  • Expert in ICT innovations in education and researcher in the telecom evolution with leading MNCs

  • Heads Startegy and ICT Development for CCE Finland and extensive networking for educational solutions thorugh ICT and technology


Oscar Coniel -  Tampere, Finland

  • Expert in ICT Solutions in Education


Timo Kuivanen - Helsinki, Finland

  • Researcher and thinker on Indian vs western models of education

  • Head and Principal of Bhktivedant College, Helsinki - Finland

Prof. Eero Ropo

Elina Harju

Shirin Kulkarni

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