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University Studies in Finland

Bachelor's Programs from Finnish Universities available now...

Why you should study in Finland
  1. Finnish education system is regarded as the best in the world. Finland has one of highest education levels in the world.

  2. ​Finland is a North-European welfare country. The standard of living is high and University studies in Finland are affordable for everyone

  3. Finland is famous for its High Tech industry and new innovations

  • Finland is a High Tech country and it’s engineering level is world class. Linux, Nokia, Environmental technologies, Paper machines and world famous mobile games are all coming from Finland.

  • Finland is one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to technology innovations. Based on World Bank, IMF and OECD studies, Finland was the 3rd most innovative country in the whole world in 2019.

  • Finland is an export driven economy. It is part of The European Union and it has growing business relationship with Asia and African companies. That is why international business skills are widely studied in Finland

Finland is a great place to study
  • Finland has been selected many times as The Happiest Country on Earth.

  • Finland is a North-European welfare country. Standard of living is high and everyone has equal rights in the society.

  • Finland is very green. It has the cleanest air and water as well as the purest nature in the world + 180,000 lakes.

  • Finland is the safest country on Earth.

  • In Finland you can study your degree in English as in Finland almost everyone speaks English.

  • The living costs for students are low. About 650-700 Euro / month, including accommodation & food.

  • Health care for all students is practically free.

  • People from other  countries have all blended well into the Finnish society

Our Partner Universities In Finland
  • Universities in Finland are not private. Like in the most European countries Universities are predominantly owned by state

  • All University programmes are accredited by Finland’s Ministry of Education which ensures that education is very high level.

  • Most of the Universities are well connected to Finnish companies, which helps students to find internships during the studies and jobs after graduation

We have altogether 19 different programs available in our partner universities

We offer you a fast track to Universities in Finland
  • You can start your international university studies in your country with our 3- month online-program. (30 study credits)

  • After that you will be guaranteed* a study place in one of our Partner Universities in Finland

  • The Great thing is: You don’t need to compete with hundreds of other students in University entry exams.

  • No entry exams, no interviews, no motivational letters

  • IELTS or TOEFL  tests (For those whose English is not the First language)

  • About 15-20 of these online study credits can be included in your Bachelor degree in Finland: You’ll graduate faster

  • If you are in high school and graduate in 2021, you can apply already now

  • If you are in the university in China and study international business or engineering, some of your study credits in China can be transferred to Finland. You can apply now

  • For other countries, the agreements are under process

Apply to Fast Track now?

Study 3 months online at home Mar - June 2021

Start your studies in University in Finland in Sep 2021

There are 3 different Online Study Semesters

  • Spring semester: 15 Mar to 21 Jun 2021

  • Summer semester: 17 May to 20 Aug 2021

  • Fall semester: 13 Sep to 17 Dec 2021

3 Methods of the  3 - Month Online Study

Online Learning & Interaction with Teacher and Other Students

  • You can complete the Pathway Diploma from the comfort of your home! 

  • All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

  • You will receive support and feedback from your teachers throughout the program.

  • Through our AI-based online-learning platform, you can have an access to all study materials, work on assignments, and interact with your teachers and peers.

How to apply?

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