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16th - 19th November 2015


The 3rd symposium on creative education was held by CCE from 16-19th November 2015. Thanks for the overwhelming response participants. The theme for symposium of this year was 'creative schools'. In line with the theme, we organised the symposium in a creative school- Steiner Koulu in Tampere. The ideas was to give the look n feel of creative atmosphere to the participants. The participants appreciated it. First two days of the symposium were dedicated to the know how of Finnish education system. The participants listened to Ms. Elina Harju about Finnish Education system and then visited the Steiner school. The visit was followed by reflections. The day was concluded with a workshop for 'Teaching with colors' by Ms. Marja Suurla.


The inauguration of conference, that has started on day 3, saw the drama based on Finnish national epic, 'Kalevala'. It was presented by 4th grade students of Steiner school in their decorous auditorium 'Aurora'. The last two days were full of various paper presentations, there were topics ranging from creativity in Mathematics to Heartmath and vision of a new school to creative pedagogy. The presenters were from Switzerland, Canada, Czech, Poland, Portugal, Italy, India, Greece,Turkey, Finland. There were participants from 22 countries. In all, it was an enriching educational experience for everyone.

Participants Testimonials


Aisha Kadri - Nigeria

Greetings from Nigeria, i certainly appreciate your choice of creative education as the symposium topic. The school visit was quite interactive and an eye opener for those of us coming from Nigeria. It afforded me the opportunity to witness highly motivated teachers work with so much passion and dedication in order to guide children's learning. Teaching without a curriculum? yet getting it right!! That was a classic example of what i call, highly creative. I have picked a concept from the presentations    "the curious child " and i intend to tow the line of the  presenter from Turkey by bringing creativity in a different way to young children. I certainly had a most educative experience. Kindly send the initial presentations on Steiner Waldorf schools to my email, we also require the certificate of attendance  in good time, this will enable us write our report to our sponsors. Continue to ride higher CCE. Regards to all.

 Mr. Cory Issach -- Lecturer, SeAMK Business School, Seinäjoki, Finland


I participated during the 18-19. I liked how the format was structured. I did not know what to expect, but found that I could take many ideas and transform them to fit my teaching needs.I hope to see you again next year.

CCE has already held two symposiums for Creative education in India and Finland. Through the links given above, you can get to know more about the earlier symposiums, its themes and workshop details. Our workshops are unique and interactive where you will find  new ideas for yourself.


This section will tell you about us, what we do, our mission and vision. Council for creative education aims to bring a change in teaching and learning with the help of creative pedagogy. We have designed all our trainings for the purpose of creative teaching and learning. Kindly visit this section to know more about our other activities like Creative ideator camp.

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