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For Parents / Guardian

Please read these terms and conditions (T&C) carefully. These T&C govern our relationship with you in relation to this website. If you have any questions about them or do not wish to accept them, please contact us before registering the residential camp.

  • Places will be filled on a first come first served basis

  • A Parent/guardian must sign application form and agree to terms & conditions before the payment

  • All medical conditions must be clearly stated on the application form.

  • Kindly mention food allergies if any, in registration forms.

  • Children must bring a rain gear and sun cream.

  • The hours of the camp are 7:30am - 9:30pm each day.

  • MOBILES are strictly prohibited.

  • All valuables must be left at home. We do not accept any type of responsibility for the loss or damage of any mobile or ipad or electric or costly devices, or money if he carries during camp days.

  • The camp authorities reserves the right to cancel part of/or the entire programme.

  • Photographs and video footage may be taken by CCE and used for promotional reasons. Kindly know mention your consent on the registration form.

  • The kids are not allowed to take photographs during the camp

  • In case of emergency we seek medical treatment in the near hospital or from doctor urgently in the event of an accident. Allergies of any medicines kindly mention in the registration form. First aid box  is available with the Camp authorities

  • Please send needed general or in case of any regular medicine with your child. Also additionally provide details and doses of regular medicines to the camp authorities in advance.

  • Information of activities is given in good faith. All arrangements and activities are subject to change depending on weather condition, programme schedule and other arrangements. The camp authorities reserve the right to cancel, amend or alter activities accordingly.

  • The aim of the camp it to build a creative team which works towards common goal. The behaviour o of an individual in a team is an important factor for its success. The camp authorities will take due care of getting the entire team in proper manner. We make all efforts to make it a success, However, as a matter of caution,the camp authorities reserves the right to suspend any child that is disruptive to the camp due to misbehaviour or whose behaviour puts them or others at risk.

  • Breach of our Terms and Conditions will result in cancellation of participation.

  • All volunteers are appointed only after legal background checkup and with the references only.

All participants should note:


** Cancellation and Refund policy: In case of cancellation, you will receive the amount after deducting the administrative charges of Rs.1500 till 15 days before the camp. No refund will be given after that.**



» All participants should gather sharp at the timing and venue given to you. Adhering to this time is important and your seat will be booked accordingly. No changes are permitted.

On the last day of camp all the parents are requested to pick up their children between 16.00-19.00. from the address mentioned by the camp head

» All the participants should bring the following things with them without fail:


  • Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Comb, Soap

  • Clothes - as per the requirement of the girls and boys.

  • Sports wear (Shorts, Track pants etc)

  • Socks and Outside Shoes for all purpose, Inside Chappals (slippers)

  • Cap, Goggle, Sunscreen Lotions

  • Blanket and bedsheets

  • Towel, Napkin, Sweater, Handkerchiefs.

  • Water bottle

  • Daily Medicines (if any)/ with prescription

  • General Medicines (if required)

  • Notebook, Pen

  • Swimming costumes (optional)

  • Extra Polythene bag to keep the wet clothes.

  • Torch


» Do follow the instructions at the camp site

» Every participant will get a bed for sleeping with mattress and a pillow.

» Do not bring water bottles instead of water bags. Let the water bag have provision to hang it on shoulder.

» Only bring blankets to cover your body and bed sheets to cover the bed. Other bedding is provided at site.

» Bring proper dose of your regular medicines so that the dose lasts for duration of the camp.

» Doctor is appointed for first aid treatment throughout the camp duration.

» Put on a name tag on all your necessary belongings.

» Do take care to not to damage any plantation or such things in the surrounding of the camp area.

» If you are able to play any instrument then please bring it along with you. Or if you know any other art like mimicry, singing etc. then please come prepared and inform the same.

» Participants should immediately take shower after swimming is done. No separate time is provided for shower after swimming.

» Participants are provided with appropriate food at appropriate time intervals. So parents should not send any food items with children because they would be wasted.

» Parents are requested not to send any costly things with children.


Inclusions in Fee and Arrangements :

>> 1st day transportation to the Camp venue.

>> Breakfast, Lunches, Snacks and Dinner with Milk and Water.

>> Daily Veg lunches and snacks only.

>> Separate residence for girls and boys including toilets.

>> Girls coach & volunteers with the girls.

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