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Interested in volunteering? Awesome! Be brave and fill out the form below. You won't regret it! You will be contacted soon with a volunteer position we see most fit for your superpowers. 

All volunteers (who can devote time 20 days prior to Symposium for 4 hours per week) will have free entrance to symposium along with the Certificate from CCE. You will be helping out for 2 person weeks efforts and free to enjoy Symposium or seminars. Wanna do more helping? No one is stopping you! Just tell us how much you wanna help and we'll give you stuff to do :)


Task list for Volunteers :


a)   Video teasers- Video editing and social network medias  like Facebook, linkedin, twitter,

      instagram etc.for daily updates by using # (hashtags).

b)   Mobile application for conference - for continued updates.

c)   Editing images, brochures and creating new images.

d)   Doing Travel arrangements.

e)   Blog writing


Skill Sets Needed :


a) Conversant with the usage of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram.

b) Artistic skills and conversant with office applications.

c) Event marketing through various channels.

d) Tour arrangement assistance experience.

e) Good English and interest in education and creativity.


If you or any of your friends are expert or interested to take over some of the above mentioned tasks then drop a mail to And call us for meeting on +358451731644.



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