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About CCE Finland’s Accreditation


Introduction to Accreditation in NEP Finnish Model by CCE Finland


CCE Finland’s accreditation process for NEP (National Education Policy/New Education Policy) Finnish Model Schools/Institutes is marked by a sturdy research foundation. We firmly believe that education should evolve in line with the latest research findings, setting us apart as leaders in delivering high-quality education.


Accreditation, the cornerstone of educational quality within the Finnish system, is a voluntary and non-governmental process that exemplifies excellence. Guided by a decade-long commitment to educational innovation and a robust research foundation, the Council for Creative Education Finland (CCE Finland) emerged as a visionary force in Finnish education. This narrative takes you on a journey into the realm of Finnish NEP (National Education Policy) Model Schools/Institutes, where our pioneering approach to accreditation is deeply rooted in extensive research.

Accreditation Highlights:


Global Prestige:
Elevate your institution globally with accreditation rooted in Finland's esteemed education system.

Confidence Catalyst:
Instill confidence in parents, students, and agents through the recognized Finnish approach to education.

Expert Guidance:
Receive tailored guidance in Finnish institutional management, ensuring international standards and innovation.

CCE Finland's Commitment
Our dedication extends beyond accreditation – we believe in continuous quality improvement and ongoing development. Join us on the journey of educational excellence with a lasting impact!
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Accreditation Process

Accreditation Development in Phases

Phase 1: Initiation - Application and Alignment Review

Submission and Coordination:

  • Submit Application, Documents & Essentials following Accreditation Guidelines.

  • Actively coordinate and participate in the process.

360-Degree Evaluation Preparation:

  • Prepare the groundwork for 360-degree evaluation as per CCE guidance.

Review and Assessment:

  • CCE Finland reviews application materials.

  • Assess institution's alignment with Finnish standards.

Duration:  6-8 weeks​

Important Note: In this initial phase, we evaluate your institution's readiness for accreditation. Receive guidance on any necessary improvements and get template procedures for your use. If deemed acceptable, we move to the next phase.

Institution Action Items

  • Completion of the Application Form

  • Submission of required documentation

  • Payment of Stage 1 and 2 Fees


Benefits of CCE Finland’s Finnish NEP Accreditation:

  • Enhanced Education Quality:

    • Accreditation aligns institutions with Finnish education standards, ensuring a high level of teaching and curriculum quality.

    • Institutions commit to continuous improvement, enhancing the educational experience for students.

  • Thorough Onsite Inspection:

    • Accreditation involves a comprehensive onsite inspection covering facilities, teaching methods, curriculum implementation, and student support services.

    • Feedback from inspections guides institutions to identify strengths and areas for improvement, aligning with Finnish standards.

  • Strategic Gap Analysis:

    • Institutions receive a detailed gap analysis comparing current practices to Finnish education standards.

    • This analysis provides a clear roadmap for targeted improvement plans, focusing efforts on meeting accreditation requirements.

  • Adherence to Quality Standards:

    • Accreditation ensures institutions meet specific quality benchmarks set by CCE Finland.

    • Compliance signifies the provision of top-tier education in line with globally recognized Finnish practices.

  • Discounted Access to Programs:

    • Accredited institutions enjoy discounted access to CCE Finland’s programs.

    • This includes workshops, training sessions, resources, and other offerings, encouraging investment in professional growth.

  • Formal Certification:

    • Successful completion of the accreditation process results in certification from CCE Finland.

    • This certification is a formal global recognition of compliance with Finnish education standards, building trust with students, parents, and the community.

Why CCE Finland?
Payment Plan

Inclusions of Accreditation

  • Regular Progress Meetings:

    • Institutions meet quarterly to discuss progress, challenges, and achievements.

    • Ongoing support and guidance from CCE Finland experts ensure institutions stay on track with their accreditation journey.

  • Educator Recognition Programs:

    • Celebrate outstanding educators within accredited institutions.

    • Recognition for contributions to student learning, innovative teaching, and professional growth.

  • Access to Research Publications:

    • Gain access to CCE Finland's research publications and journals.

    • Stay updated on the latest findings in Finnish education, integrating evidence-based approaches into teaching.

  • Annual Conferences and Workshops:

    • Participate in conferences and workshops featuring keynote speakers and discussions on educational trends.

    • Opportunities to network, share experiences, and gain insights for professional development.

  • International Marketing Opportunities:

    • Showcase accredited status to attract students and stakeholders interested in Finnish education.

    • Participation in exhibitions and events for global visibility and collaboration.

  • Guidance on Policy Development:

    • Assistance in drafting policies and procedures for ongoing quality enhancement.

    • Ensures alignment with Finnish education standards and best practices.

  • Newsletter Updates and Promotion:

    • Regular updates through newsletters on industry trends, events, and promotional opportunities.

    • Opportunities for institutions to promote achievements and initiatives.

Supporting Documents

Accreditation Expert Commitee

Accreditation Level
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By joining our community of accredited institutions, you become a vital part of this dynamic process, where knowledge is not just acquired but forged, where ideas are not simply taught but explored, and where students are not only learners but visionaries of tomorrow. Embarking on a journey of research-driven excellence opens doors to transformative education, paving the way for innovation and exceptional learning experiences.

We invite you to take this significant step towards accreditation, embracing a commitment to excellence that echoes through generations. To begin this transformative journey, you have two options for online application as listed below.

Whichever path you choose, rest assured that you are embarking on a bold stride towards educational excellence. Your institution's impact will resonate for years to come within our network of forward-thinking educators and organizations committed to shaping a brighter future.

[Option 1: School Institution Application] - Streamline the process with our dedicated online application portal designed specifically for educational institutions. This user-friendly platform ensures efficiency and ease, guiding you through the accreditation process seamlessly.

[Option 2: Organization Application] - Organizations seeking accreditation can also take advantage of our online application portal. Our team of accreditation specialists stands ready to provide personalized support, assisting you every step of the way.

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