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Interest in the Finnish education system and pedagogy has grown, particularly in the light of Finland’s excellent placement in the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).


CCE provides an inclusive, introductory video course, where participants have the opportunity to become familiar with the basic Finnish pedagogical ideas and practises. This programme gives participants :-


  • ideas and tools for everyday teaching work and encourage teachers for constant pedagogical improvement.

  • an overview of the learning theory and teaching practices in the Finnish basic education.

16 weeks Online-Video Trainings

We are glad to propose the 16 weeks Training cum online class with Workshop on Creative Education and Finnish Education Model  organized by Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland, from  Tampere, Finland. We are giving you to understand the Finnish schools secret, learn from professional Finnish teachers  educators and experts on creative education and higher education in our online course.


Target groups:

Anyone who want to develop his/her pedagogical knowledge and practices and  is interested in the ideas of  Finnish basic education - teachers, teacher student,  headmasters, principals, management, administrative  representatives,   school leaders, decision makers



  • basic elements of the learning theory in Finnish basic education

  • practical examples of the teaching practises generally used in the Finnish basic education.


The program consists:

 16 hours course + additionally 4 weeks work practice in your choice school

  • daily two hours sessions

  • Planning and exercises where participants have the opportunity to try the teaching methods and ideas in practise

  • Each week with different method and technique

  • One (1) hour different videos and one hour of exercise on themes and methods based on Finnish education and its philosophy

  • 4 weeks course Practice in your choice school in your city

  • Experience the implementation of the course methods and results on it

Where and How to register ?



Prerequisites for the course :-


  • Computer

  • Good quality of Internet Connection

  • Skype id

  • Gmail account

  • Note book, 2 Pencils & Eraser


Contents of the Programme

Sessions and Topics of the course


Session 1   -    Learning Theory in Finnish Basic Education


  • Quick development; Finland was a developing country

  • Finnish education ideology

  • How are these principles implemented in action


Session 2   -    Learning demands learners activity


  • Principle in action: Build-up-group teaching method


Session 3   -   Other people and interaction reinforce learning


  • Principle in action: Nested circles teaching method


Session 4   -   Different kind of learners need different kind of methods


  • Principle in action: Snowball  –method, Living statue –method


Session 5   -   Inner motivation promotes learning


  • Principle in action: Admit slips –method


Session 6   -   The most important thing in learning is what learners already know about the matter


  • Principle in action: Methods for Mapping pre-existing notions and knowledge


Session 7   -   Reflection enhances learning


  • Principle in action: The learning diary –method


Session 8   -   Meta skills in learning: self-reflection and self-evaluation


  • Principle in action: Methods for self-evaluation

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