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Finnish Entrepreneurship


Finnish Entrepreneurship Tour:

Explore the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship with CCE Finland's dynamic Finnish Entrepreneurship Tour. Immerse yourself in the world-renowned Finnish education system, celebrated for its creativity and forward-thinking approach to learning.

Program Overview:

Our comprehensive tour is meticulously designed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset through a blend of interactive workshops, insightful school visits, and engaging cultural experiences. Delve into the entrepreneurial process, from idea conception to product realization, guided by expert instructors and mentors deeply rooted in Finland's educational ethos.


  • Workshops: Gain invaluable knowledge in Finnish education principles, marketing strategies, idea development, and effective pitching techniques.

  • School Visits: Witness firsthand how leading institutions like Ylöjärvi High School and TAMK Proakatemia integrate entrepreneurship into their curriculum.

  • Cultural Activities: Experience the Finnish lifestyle with traditional sauna sessions and ice hole swimming (Avanto), offering a unique perspective on Finnish culture and wellbeing.

  • Final Presentations and Reflections: Showcase your learning and insights gained throughout the tour at the iconic Oodi Library in Helsinki.


  • Foster an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Showcase the innovative practices embedded in the Finnish education system

  • Integrate practical workshops with real-world experiences through school visits and activities

Tour details

Tour program
Online payment

Finland and CCE do not claim to show the best teachers, best schools or best teaching methods in this program, as in Finland, there is no selective approach. Education is learner-centered. The teachers do their best to make learning better. You will get to see what is actually happening in the classroom. We can not guarantee a school visit to a particular school as it is the school's decision if they want to take any visitors on a particular day.

The detailed schedule with time and options for school visits will be declared two weeks prior to the tour and will be sent to the confirmed registered participants.

CCE reserves the right to change the program depending on the batch size of the participants.

Cost Inclusions:

  • Course materials and resources

  • Learning Management System

  • Course Certification

  • Expert instructors and mentors

  • Accommodation in Finland 

  • Activities & Planned sightseeing

  • Local transportation in Finland

  • Access to prototyping equipment and labs

Cost Exclusions:

  • International airfare

  • Visa fees (if applicable)

  • Personal expenses

  • Health and travel insurance


All prices are in EUR and NET (Taxes and Currency conversion charges at actuals and additional)

4-16 bed dorm +breakfast is 42-45€ a night as a reference point

Tour Hightlights
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Faculty profile

Faculty Profile

Kari Photo.jpg

Kari Louhivuori

Head, Pedagogy Leadership at CCE Finland

Veteran teacher and ex-Principal of Kirkkojarvi School, Espoo who have been instrumental in developing Finnish learning experiences since the 1970s. Throughout his career, Kari strongly emphasized on the collaborative developments of schools and organic educational leadership. Kirkkojärvi School got a new building in 2010. Kari worked in close collaboration with Verstas Architects in the planning of the prize-winning school building. Before you meet Kari, just read an interesting article featuring him:

Currently, Kari consults schools, universities, and educators across the globe as CCE's pedagogical coach.


Heramb Kulkarni

Head, ICT Development, and Strategy - CCE Finland

Speaker and trainer on EduTech, collaborative learning, and innovation across 12 countries. Trained more than 14000+ teachers, Educators, leaders on strategy and ICT innovations Research. Heramb consults many governments and large organizations across 3 continents, Europe, Asia and Africa within key countries like Denmark, USA, Bahrain and Indian states like Delhi, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. His research areas are educational technology and creativity, global education reforms and collaborative innovations. As an educator, social entrepreneur and technology wizard, he is on the advisory board of many educational institutes and innovative start-ups across Europe and India. He has held leadership positions across large MNCs like Nokia, Lucent Technologies, Skyworks and Accenture with vast experience in technology, architecture and software development domain.


Marja Suurla

Director at CCE Finland

International trainer and researcher for Education and learning through paintings. She has been visiting different countries to make teachers aware of the teaching through drawing and painting, mainly the form painting. Follows Waldorf pedagogy and teacher from Steiner School, Tampere. She is an expert teacher of arts and paintings for 30+ years and has participated in many international exhibitions with her students.

Shirin studio pic.JPG

Shirin Kulkarni

Research Director at CCE Finland

Researcher in the field of Creative Thinking and education for more than 12 years. Research Areas:

Creativity and School Environment

A comparative study between India and Finland

CII (Creativity-identity Interaction) model

Narrative teaching techniques

Experienced trainer and psychologist

Research Director, CCE Finland

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WhatsApp Image 2022-09-20 at 15.29.56.jpeg

Nelli Louhivuori

Finnish Pedagogy Expert

Nelli is a professional trainer and teacher (MEd) from Finland. She has specialized in elementary school education and has worked as a classroom teacher and an Italian language teacher in Finland. She has co-taught and trained Finnish elementary school teachers to use co-teaching in their work. She is currently working with CCE Finland to design schools across 3 continents.


Joakim Rowley

Education Growth Manager

Joakim is the Education Growth Manager from Finland. With a background in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), learner well-being, and personal growth, he draws inspiration from the quote "A creative adult is a child that survived

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