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PG Diploma In Pedagogical Leadership

CCE is delighted to announce its online program for PG In Pedagogical Leadership.

There are an increasing interest and awareness about the Finnish way of leading the school - famously known as Pedagogical Leadership.

The course aims to provide the participants with a strong foundation of the key principles of leadership in education and principals' work. It will introduce the basics of the Finnish School system, its leadership, and practical ways of handling administrative and pedagogical issues in the school. This course makes you think about your leadership style which helps you to develop the future high-quality learning environment



Learning Objectives


The course will broaden the participants’ understanding of the idea of pedagogical leadership. How PG In Pedagogical Leadership is different from just merely administratively managing the school?

The future school needs shared leadership and new ideas of a student-teachers active role. This course will take you through the practical case studies, example, and scenarios which a leader may need to handle for developing the high performing school.

The participants will be able to formulate and advance their visions and practices as professionals to become leaders and will share their know-how with other professionals and participants, engaging in self-reflection and applying their knowledge and skills in practice.


Basic Qualification in Education and interest to develop a school in creative ways.


Intended Audience

This course is useful for, who would like to become a principal, a leader in the organization.

About the Trainers

Kari Louhivuori

Head, Pedagogy Leadership at CCE Finland

Veteran teacher and ex-Principal of Kirkkojarvi School, Espoo who have been instrumental in developing Finnish learning experiences since the 1970s. Throughout his career, Kari strongly emphasized on the collaborative developments of schools and organic educational leadership.

Kirkkojärvi School got a new building in 2010. Kari worked in close collaboration with Verstas Architects in the planning of the prize-winning school building.

Before you meet Kari, just read an interesting article featuring him: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/why-are-finlands-schools-successful-49859555/

Currently, Kari consults schools, universities, and educators across the globe as CCE's pedagogical coach.

Martti Hellström

Doctor of Education

Master of Philosophy(1982) and PhD (Doctor of Education) 2004, Martti Hellström is a well-known Trainer of teachers and headmasters for over 4 decades. Martti has been active as a Classteacher since 1977 and then he became Headmaster at Aurora Elementary School. He was the Editor in Chief at Luokanopettaja-professional newsletter 1994-2013
Since 2018, Martti is a Lecturer of Education at the University of Helsinki

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Course Content

  • Introduction & Definition of Pedagogical Leadership

  • Know about Finland Education System

  • Curriculum as a guiding document

  • 21st-century skills

  • Deep down in Finnish Education and Shared Leaderships Evaluation/Assessment system in Finland

  • Modern learning environment

  • Internship/Research project week 4 - Writing a report of your internship Research project

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  • 8 weeks of content´s implementation (slide materials, recording sessions, and online meetings)

  • 4 weeks steering and guidance


Next Batch Starting From

19 Feb  2021

21 May 2021

Group Discount

For a group of 5 or more, kindly contact us at info@ccefinland.org


To know more call at :

+358504839418 (Finland) / +919890436368 (India)


- Peach Likhitsuwan, Thailand


This was one of the best active and Creative learning experiences for me during my course. The course content was so elaborate and made me think about my leadership skills. The reflections came out in the feedback given was truly awesome. Also interacting with other educators and leaders from other countries was truly rewarding. Thank you very much for your continued support and encouragement. Looking forward to join your other course on Finnish education.

Course Duration
Mode Of Delivery

3 Months (12 Weeks )


The course is conducted in different phases

8 weeks of online course

4 weeks internship

8 sessions of video recordings

3 live interactions

  • Interactions with the experts and main trainer

  • An interactive online session with participants to share their ideas

  • Case studies and assignment discussion

  • No of Hours of work /Week: 2 hours (20-30 minutes for video + 1-hour online live discussion)

  • 1 hr/week for assignment on average

*Internship is a mandatory part of this course. The participants need to find a nearby school for an internship. CCE will provide the necessary documentation for the internship. CCE reserves the right to change the program depending on the batch size of the participants.

The next Batch is starting from 19th Feb 2021

PG Diploma in Pedagogical Leadership

PG Diploma in Pedagogical Leadership

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About Mandatory Internship

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whether it's a tough time or not – the above quote inspires each one of us!


CCE Finland is committed to working with educators each step of the way – especially during pandemic time. If you are an educator/ student educator and not able to find a suitable opportunity for an internship – could be due to lockdowns or inaccessibility; CCE Finland present you with the following  opportunity:

1. Make a report considering your earlier work done in the field of  Leadership and submit it to us at info@ccefinland.org 

Should you have any questions – please know we are just a call/email away! Wishing you all the very best...

Note: We have a rolling admission for this course. So you can apply for the course during the first 4 weeks. (e.g. If the course starts on 14th Feb 2020 then you can apply for the course till 14th March 2020).

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Bank: Nordea

Currency: EURO


Beneficiary Address: Maijalankatu 9 E 18, 33720, Tampere, FINLAND


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