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What is Creative Ideator Camp?


A creative ideator is a person who innovates and design creative ideas and makes it happen. (S)He is a solution seeker, problem solver and innovative thinker at heart. Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland believes in innovative powers kids possesses and our goal is to give freedom to explore their innovative ideas, creative abilities. CCE is providing a platform and environment for the kids from age of 8 to 16 years through 5 days Creative Ideator Camp. Here kids will get energy, support and strength of a team to develop their creative abilities and at the end of the camp, you will be amazed to see how creative your child can be!

Why is this camp different?


Creativity is not all about products but it is an interaction of a person, process and environment. In this camp, the students will experience the ‘process’ of creative thinking. within an open and friendly environment. At the end of the camp, you might not get to see an amazing product but the ‘person’ is already inspired to develop one.

Taking part in this camp gives you the amazing opportunity to learn about important issues that affect us all.


Each participant will receive personal guidance and everyone will work in a team to develop innovative projects or ideas. The experts in the field will be guiding each team for the entire duration of the camp. At the end of the camp, parents and students will receive the detailed report of the kid's creative abilities, creativity index, innovative approach and common project works (in teams).

Highlights of the camp


  • Blending your knowledge with leadership skills to benefit your school/ community

  • Planning and organizing camp activities.

  • Learning creative techniques from experts and working in teams.

  • Having fun and making new and lasting friendships.

Who should attend it?

The camp is open for all students (Boys and Girls)

Age group: 10 - 16 yrs/5th - 10th Graders

There is also a camp for University Students

Age Group: 17- 25 yrs

Agenda of the day
Schedule for the Camp


Day 1:  Getting together and ice-breaking.

The students will come to the campsite and get introduced to each other and the coaches.


Day 2:  Trekking and team building.

This day will be dedicated to outdoor activities where students will go for a nearby trek/hike and explore the surroundings of the campsite.


Day 3:  Initiating the creative process.

On the third day of the camp, the students will start working in their respective teams. Each team will have a coordinator. They will have various sessions related to creative thinking like brainstorming etc. Through these sessions, they will find out the creative idea for their own team and start phase 1 of the development.


Day 4:  Macro level planning and development of innovation.

On day four, students will develop a detailed plan for their innovation. They will get help from their coaches. They will have sessions about how to develop a project plan.


Day 5: Completion of plan and presentation.
Every team will try to complete a phase of its idea/project plan. Each team leader will present it to the rest of the audience.

  • Personality Development - Innovative projects, Work on social causes

  • Sports: Football/ Basketball/ Futsal/ Badminton/ Outdoor Cooperative Games

  • Design and learn how to build new mobile apps in a simple way!

  • Creative English and Mathematics games, Science games

  • Brainstorming, Reading/Handwriting Club

  • Arts and Crafts, Drama, Music Movement, Dance

  • Explore Nature's own creativity - Nature/Garden, Creative Cooking

  • Lots of games and fun!

  • Disaster management and water safety

  • Self-defence techniques

  • Create an international network with CCE

How to register?

You can register your child name online by filling the online registration form and by paying online.



Group Discount

For a group of 5 or more, kindly contact us at


Terms and Conditions for the Parents


Checklist for the participants


For regular update visit CCE Facebook



What about the security of children?


The camp authorities will take due care of getting the entire team in a proper manner. CCE has a team of experts who are working with kids for the last many years and we conduct regular rigorous training for the innovation coaches and coordinators of the CI camp. All coaches and coordinators are appointed only after legal background checkup and with the references only.


What is the arrangement available for medical emergencies?


During camp 24 hours on-call doctor is available it is near to the campsite only, generic medicines and first aid box is always available.


What is the security of the campus?


The campus is in regular use for various camps and school trips it is secured from all corner. There are separate arrangements for girls and boys.


What if a group changes in advanced camp?


The objective of the advanced camp to learn new techniques and processes for managing your ideas and enhancing your abilities. So, it is not expected to have the same idea. If the group is passionate about the same idea, then they are welcome to continue with it.


Who are the experts?


International and National Speakers and Researchers.


Student/Teacher/Parent Testimonials

Student Testimonial: Dariel, New York, USA

"Attending the Creative Ideator Camp was an amazing experience for me. I learned so much about creative thinking and problem solving, and I was able to work in a team with other students who shared my interests. The guidance and support provided by the experts was invaluable, and I was able to develop my leadership skills and gain confidence in my abilities. I also made some great friends and had a lot of fun participating in the camp activities. I highly recommend this camp to any student who wants to develop their creative abilities and make a difference in their school or community."


Teacher Testimonial: Mrs Wafa, UAE

"As a teacher, I was very impressed with the Creative Ideator Camp. The program provided an excellent opportunity for students to explore their creative thinking abilities and develop their problem-solving skills. The team-based approach was very effective in promoting collaboration and communication, and the guidance provided by the experts was both professional and personal. The camp also provided students with an opportunity to apply their skills to real-world issues, which I found very valuable. Overall, I would highly recommend this camp to any student who wants to develop their creative thinking abilities and make a difference in their community."

Student Testimonial: Him-chan, South Korea

"Attending the Creative Ideator Camp was a life-changing experience for me. I never thought that I was capable of being a creative thinker, but this camp showed me that anyone can be one with the right mindset and environment. I learned so many valuable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. The activities were engaging and challenging, and the guidance from the experts was exceptional. I also made lifelong friends and memories that I will never forget. I highly recommend this camp to any student who wants to unleash their creativity and discover their true potential."

Teacher Testimonial: Mark Bo, UK

"I had the pleasure of sending a group of my students to the Creative Ideator Camp, and I was blown away by the impact it had on them. They came back with a newfound sense of confidence and creativity, and their problem-solving skills had significantly improved. The camp activities were well-designed and challenged the students to think outside the box. The team-based approach was excellent in promoting collaboration and leadership skills. I would definitely recommend this camp to any teacher who wants to provide their students with an opportunity to develop their creativity and problem-solving abilities."

Parent Testimonial:

"My son attended the Creative Ideator Camp, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. He came back with a newfound sense of purpose and a passion for creative thinking. He also developed strong leadership and teamwork skills, which I have noticed him applying in his schoolwork and daily life. The guidance provided by the experts was exceptional, and the camp activities were both engaging and challenging. I highly recommend this camp to any parent who wants to give their child a unique and rewarding experience."

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