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Know Your Child (KYC 101)


CCE is delighted to announce its online courses for parents. We aim at helping the parents to increase the level of understanding about child development and early childhood education. It is important to have a safe, secure, and loving environment at home so that the child can express himself/herself without any inhibition.

Our expertise in Child Psychology leads you to a better understanding of the emotional and physical ups and downs.CCE's research about creativity development of students has indicated that the home environment plays a pivotal role in nurturing creativity from an early age. With this research background, CCE has designed key courses for parents who want to nourish the creativity of their children.

This course is the foundation course for parents.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the development in early childhood

  • Knowledge about various spheres of child development

  • Learning in early childhood

  • Play in early childhood

  • Pedagogical practices to help parents in nurturing their children

  • Observing your child and documenting their progress

Who Can Attend?

This course is suitable for parents for the age group of 1-6 yrs children.

Canva - Young cheerful woman playing wit
Course Content
  • Conceptualizing and defining early childhood education (ECE)

  • Facts about early years growth, development, and learning

  • Prime areas of growth, development, and learning in the early years

  • Individual learning needs

  • Engagement and Play

  • Motivation - active learning methods

  • The learning environment

  • Observing the child

Pay Online

Self paced learning

*Note Self-paced course with an online meeting. Lifetime access.

Course Methodology
  • Totally online course with pre-recorded sessions

  • Parents support group

  • Consultative meetings can be arranged separately.

Course Completion Certificate

You will get an e-certificate, after completion of an assignment.

To know more call at :

+358504839418 (Finland)

+919890436368 (India)

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