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SISU - Finnish Preschool in a Box  

There is a general increase in awareness worldwide that Early Childhood Education is a fundamental stage in the life of a person as well as an essential element of lifelong learning. The intention of promoting the value of early childhood education needs massive support on many parts.

With this action-oriented approach in mind, we propose to utilize renowned and globally recognized Finnish expertise and experience in Early Childhood Education.  The Finnish ECE approach emphasizes the holistic, dynamic and social nature of learning as well as advances the child’s balanced growth and development. This view is largely supported by multidisciplinary research in educational sciences. The Curriculum for ECE also pays close attention to developing 21st-century skills in children from early years on. Our ECE pedagogy is deeply rooted in play-based learning and active learning approaches, as opposed to sitting and listening quietly. All together these ideas are reinforced in highly practical ways, by designing educational process and pedagogical activities where children become active learners, co-construct their knowledge and experience and therefore take ownership of their learning process as individuals and in groups.

For this thing, CCE introducing  “SISU - Finnish Preschool in a Box!”

SISU Preschool box presents a research-based tool-kit for use in real-time teaching and learning in preschools and kindergarten. The SISU Preschool Box is the idea inspired by the Finnish social innovation known as Maternity box (Äitiyspakkaus). The SISU Preschool Box concept turns into a field of early childhood education and has a goal to reach for international markets.

What is SISU - Finnish Preschool Box?
Who Can Order?

 Educational Institutes, Early Childhood Education Centers, School Principals and Teachers

The aim behind SISU - Finnish Preschool Box?

1. To assist educators/practitioners to design and implement their pedagogical practices in an effective way

2. To promote all areas of learning including personal and social skills, emotional intelligence, linguistic skills, cognitive skills, physical skills, aesthetic/expressive skills, mathematical and language literacy, environmental intelligence in children

Customized Finnish


Materials and



Training Programs






Inside the SISU Finnish Preschool Box

EduTech Solutions

Customized Finnish Curriculum
& Learning Framework

Materials and Content

  • Learning and Fun Games 

  • Activity Sheets / Worksheets 

  • Books

  • User Guide - Teacher Material with worksheets

  • Monthly Planner Assistance

  • Guidance on how to use the box activities and integrating the exciting learning space

Teacher Training Programs (Online)

  • Access to Diploma in ECE designed by Finnish teachers and experts - For 2 Teachers

  • Access to Program in Pedagogical Leadership designed by Finnish principals and leaders - For 1 Principal

Professional Development:(Optional)


EduTech Solutions

  • Mobile / Web-based App

  • Supports learning and pedagogical documentation

  • (e-Portfolio)

  • Collaboration and communication with the families

  • CCE's LMS access for teachers and principals

Certification and Reports 

  • For Students and Parents - Development Reports (Through Mobile App)

  • For teachers: Certificates

  • For principal: Leadership Program

  • For School: Annual Certification for School (on successful criteria completions)

Mode of Delivery
Annual Subscription Box Shipment
Mode of Delivery

Contact Us:

+358 504839418 (Finland)

+91 9890436368 (India)

+966 56 560 0100 (Saudi Arabia)

+234 8023150165 (Nigeria)

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Beneficiary Bank Address: Insinoorinkatu 23, 33720, Tampere, FINLAND 

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