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School Development Program

Our Offering

We are able to deliver a 360-degree solution of the ‘Finnish School Abroad’: A complete package, which combines the physical and digital dimensions of the inspiring classroom and learning environments – architecture, design, technology – with the intangible aspects of education, from pedagogically optimised high-quality teacher training, to creative, self-motivating and active learning

Starting a new school

CCE's School Development Team has experience in developing and managing new schools from the very outset. We have developed 5 stages and 19 steps process to develop the school in a creative way using Finnish and localized country-specific curriculum.

We can advise on:

  • Architectural design

  • Internal  and external technical requirements

  • Resource and Equipment

  • Prep schools who wish to expand to an all-through school



Do you have an aspect of a new school building that you want advice on?

For Existing Schools

CCE Finland Oy provides all levels of support for schools leading up to their audit, observations, and preparations for global networks and collaborations.

Expertise includes:

  • Providing organizational structure, project planning, and development

  • Assisting with Governance and management, staffing and financial structures; growth plans and projections:

  • Giving advice on management structure, management/leadership style, financial management/control; P&L accounts, management accounts/budgets

  • Helping your school develop a strategic development or business plan and advising on school/departmental reviews

  • CCE Observation Portals-coming soon

CCE is pleased to help in all aspects of school improvement and management issues.

Why CCE Finland?

CCE is an international, cooperative, research-based organization established to promote, educate and invent in creative pedagogy. www.ccefinland.org


We operate in the fields of pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary education system reform, quality assessment, performance development, professional development, and teacher training, as well as supporting innovations in vocational and higher education. Our goal is to bring creativity in routine education which will help the students to learn on their own and increase their curiosity, creativity, and consistency.

CCE has earned its reputation of being the premier schools' consultancy with educational development programs across 12 countries. We offer a wide spectrum of services designed to give school management, administration, teachers and parents a sense of direction, as well as assisting the schools to make informed choices for their children’s future.

CCE's School Development Framework

Stage 1 : Inception and Foundation
Stage 2 : Team Building & Curriculum Planning 
Stage 3: 21st Century Skills Orientation
Stage 4: Practical Implementation
Stage 5: Quality and Sustainability
Program by Finland National Agency of Education
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