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Historic Delegation from Indian
Universities Visits Finland - EDUCON 2023

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CCE Finland Educon 2023 Highlights
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Guest of Honor

H.E. Mr. Raveesh Kumar, 
Ambassador of India to Finland and Estonia


Historic Delegation from Indian Universities Visits Finland, Expanding Educational Exchange


In an unprecedented event, a delegation comprising faculty members and administrators from various esteemed Indian universities has embarked on a historic visit to Finland. The delegation, the largest ever to visit the country from India, aims to strengthen educational ties, foster collaboration, and explore opportunities for academic exchange.

Comprising representatives from renowned Indian universities,mainly from Maharashtra, the delegation consists of 60+ delegates. Their visit to Finland is a testament to the growing interest in international partnerships and the desire to enhance global educational experiences for students and faculty alike.


The visit has been organised in collaboration with Finnish educational institutions and key stakeholders, who are enthusiastic about showcasing Finland's acclaimed education system and fostering meaningful connections with their Indian counterparts. The delegation's itinerary includes visits to leading Finnish universities, interactive sessions with Finnish educators, and engaging discussions on educational best practices.


Finland, known for its exceptional education system and innovative teaching methodologies, offers a wealth of insights and inspiration for the visiting delegation. Through this exchange, the delegates hope to gain valuable knowledge in areas such as curriculum development, teacher training, educational technology integration, and student-centered learning approaches.


The delegation's visit also serves as an opportunity for Finnish institutions to explore potential collaborations with Indian universities. Joint research projects, student exchange programs, and faculty development initiatives are among the possibilities that may arise from this historic visit.


Expressing her excitement about the visit, Mr. Rahul Jadhav, the head of the delegation, said, "We are thrilled to be part of this historic delegation to Finland. This visit presents a unique opportunity for us to learn from Finland's world-renowned education system and to forge new partnerships with Finnish universities. We believe this collaboration will further enrich the educational experiences of our students and contribute to the overall development of our institutions."


The visit to Finland is expected to facilitate cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Indian and Finnish academia. The delegates will have the chance to immerse themselves in Finnish culture, experience the country's vibrant academic atmosphere, and engage in insightful discussions with Finnish educators and experts.

The historic delegation from Indian universities visiting Finland marks a significant milestone in educational cooperation between the two nations. It underscores the commitment to fostering global partnerships and opens doors to new avenues of collaboration in the pursuit of academic excellence.

LUT University 

Lappeenranta–Lahti University of Technology (LUT) is a pioneering Finnish science university, established in 1969 that promotes sustainable development through strategic choices, research, education, and social interaction. LUT seeks innovative solutions for clean energy, water, and air using expertise in technology, business, and social sciences. LUT helps society and businesses in their sustainable renewal. LUT and LAB University together form the dynamic LUT Universities group, with LUT focusing on academic research and education, while LAB specializes in innovation and industry-driven education. The CIVIT Lab offers advanced research facilities and expertise in visual content creation, displays, and immersive user experience.

TREDU Technical High School & Vocational School

Tampere High School of Technology in Finland focuses on technology, mathematics, and ICT education. Students have diverse study options, including online courses and partnerships with other schools. The school's comprehensive general education follows the national curriculum, preparing students well for further studies. Arts specialization is also available through subject-linked study modules. Teaching methods and learning environments are developed in collaboration with other educational institutions in Tampere.

Tampere University

Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. Almost all internationally recognised fields of study are represented at our university, which brings together research and education in technology, health and society

Oodi- Helsinki Central Library

Helsinki Central Library Oodi is a living meeting place at Kansalaistori square, right at the heart of Helsinki.

Oodi will provide its users with knowledge, new skills and stories, and will be an easy place to access for learning, story immersion, work and relaxation. It is a library of a new era, a living and functional meeting place open for all.


Platform 6

Platform6 is the central hub of the Tampere startup ecosystem, offering comprehensive support for startups. Initiated by the City of Tampere, it promotes the growth of new and existing startups while showcasing the region's entrepreneurial quality. Platform6 connects startups, entrepreneurs, investors, incubation and acceleration programs, advisors, and partners, providing valuable resources to launch and scale high-growth businesses globally. Its curated network fosters a collaborative environment based on knowledge sharing and community support.

Red Brick Accelerator

Red Brick is supporting the growth of pre-revenue startups to first customers and investments. Together with a network of over 120 high-quality coaches, mentors, investors and industry experts, we accelerate growth of new startup ventures through two online programs. We help startups grow through our two programs: pre-accelerator and accelerator. Both programs take place online. Thanks to our partners from City of Tampere and Tampere University.

Highlights of EDUCON 2023

Video Testimonials


It was really wonderful experience. Certainly thoughts on how our education model in NEP 20 Implementation perspective will be enriched.
My thoughts of credit allocation to vocational and skill based components have improved.
Thanks to Entire Sakal Team, Dr Heramb, Dr Shirin and a Team CCE Finland
-Nilkanth Chopade PCETs PCCOE , Pune

Had a wonderful tour to Finland.
Thanks to entire Sakal team, CCE, Ms. Shirin and Mr. Heramb and Hon. Prataprao Pawar for excellent arrangements.
-Prof. Dr. S S Sane, K K Wagh Nashik

We realize that organizing all this takes a lot of planning, manpower, money, energy and often a lot of physical and mental stress. Many many thanks to Dr. Heramb and Dr. Shrin Kulkarni and Sakal team for planning with the finer details and putting on this wonderful event with great persistence and hard work.
A big thank you to Hon'ble Shri Prataprao Pawar sir for making this platform available to all of us. 
-Dipalee Malkhede, Savitribai Phule Pune University

The overall experience at Finland was very mesmerising. There is lot to learn from the Finnish education system and the culture. Special appreciation to you and Shirin for organising it very systematically. Sir I would like to know more about SISU pre school collaboration. Kindly let me know the details about it.

-Joysey Joseph, Principal, VidyaPratishthan's New English Medium School, Baramati, Pune

Experience of Visiting and studying education system of Finland was amazing The way Finland changed itself after 1960 and adapted futuristic vision to reform educational system is very much appreciable. If not 100 percent but to the extent possible we should try to implement good aspects of Finland model of Education. I personally got impressed with 1. Self learning and activity based aspects of Education 2. Entrepreneurship curriculum, 3. Vocational training I thanks Sakal Educon and Hon Prataprao Pawar Saheb for organising this from last 19 years Word of appreciation for CCE team Heramb sir , Shirin madam for great organization and Our Chairman Hon Nitin dada and Our leader Amit dada for providing this opportunity.

-Dr. A.G. Thakur, Director, Sanjivani College of Engineering, Kopargaon

Educon 23 was an enriching experience in many ways. Though program was aimed at higher education some flavour of school education was also added. Some of the much needed components in Indian higher education are work experience, rntrepreneurship and student participation. The labs and programs offering vocational education were extraordinary. Thanks to Sakal and CCE.

-Pandit Vidyasagar

My heartfelt gratitude for the incredible experience at Educon. A big thank you to the Sakal team for their meticulous planning and follow-ups. To the CCE team for their gracious hosting. Your dedication, expertise, and passion for education truly shone through, making it an enriching event. We were genuinely inspired by the Finnish approach to education and are wholeheartedly committed to fostering teacher empowerment in our context. We eagerly anticipate opportunities to collaborate with CCE and further enhance our educational endeavors. To all the co-educators a big thank you for your insights and experiences shared on this journey. Do stay in touch and let's make a difference by implementing new ideas from this Educon.

With best regards,

Snehal Shekdar Amrutvahini, Sangamner


Program Schedule

Chief Guest

Erik af Hällström, Finland.jpg

Erik af Hällström, 
Consul General of Finland, Mumbai
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

Mr Erik af Hällström is the Consul General at the Consulate General of Finland in Mumbai since January 1, 2023. He has previously served as Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy in New Delhi, as Minister Counsellor at the Embassy in the Hague, as Human Rights Expert and First Secretary at the Permanent Representation in Geneva and as Second Secretary at the Embassy in Brasília. At the Foreign Ministry he has, inter alia, served as Director of the Unit for United Nations and Global Affairs, as team leader for Pan-African issues and as Chair of the European Union COARM Working Party. He has also been the President of the Union for Foreign Ministry servants (UHVY) and member of the selection committee for diplomatic recruitments. Mr. af Hällström graduated from Åbo Akademi University with a Master´s in International Relations in 1989. He joined the diplomatic service in 1996. Before becoming a diplomat, Mr. af Hällström worked as a radio and TV journalist at YLE. H

Speakers and Key Personalities


Prof. Mikko Ruohonen

Tampere University

Holds the Chair of Nordic Centre in India Secretariat at Tampere University Faculty of Management and Business, Finland. Distinguished academic and researcher in the field of information systems and business. Founder of CIRCMI Research, focusing on information, customer, and innovation management. Extensive experience since 1984 in IS strategy and organization development. Actively engaged in executive programs and industry collaborations. Author of 150+ articles, reports, 10 textbooks, and significant industry research reports. Special consultant for IFIP (TC3 Education), awarded the prestigious Silver Core Award in 2007. Organized conferences on "Sustainable ICT, Education and Learning" in Tanzania (2019) and "Digital Transformation of Education and Learning" in Finland (2021). Founder and Chief Executive Consultant at since 1998.


Prof. Pekka Neittaanmäki

UNESCO chair on Digital Platforms for Transforming Economies

Professor of Information Technology, Numerical Analysis and Its Applications, University of Jyväskylä. He has teaching Experience since 1974 in Numerical methods, Programming, CAD, Simulation, Optimization, Optimal control, FEM, Mathematical modelling. Peaaka being ranked in the top 3 Ph.D. supervisors in the world and he has supervised 109 Ph.D. theses.  Coauthor of 16 Monographs, Editor of 30 proceedings or lecture notes, Member of Program / Scientific Committees in CSAI 2019 - ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Sciences and AI in Industry: New Digital Technologies for Solving Future Societal and Economic Challenges, Jyväskylä, Finland, 2019.

Research Grants / Contracts (more than € 20 million) - Mechanics of moving materials and Multidisciplinary analysis, Academy of Finland, 2018–2019.

Kari Photo.jpg

Kari Louhivuori,
Pedagogical Leader and Coach, CCE Finland

Pedagogical Expert, Veteran teacher and ex-Principal of Kirkkojarvi School, Espoo has been instrumental in developing Finnish learning experiences since the 1970s. Throughout his career, Kari strongly emphasized the collaborative developments of schools and organic educational leadership. In collaboration with Verstas Architects Kari helped in the design and planning of the award-winning Kirkkojärvi School building in 2010. Currently, Kari consults schools, universities, and educators across the globe as CCE's pedagogical expert coach.

Heikki Lyytinen.jpg

Prof. Heikki Lyytinen
UNESCO chair on Inclusive Literacy Learning for All

Professor in neuropsychology and psychology, PhD 1984 (Doctor of Psychology), the University of Jyväskylä. Heikki Lyytinen, Emeritus Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology, already held the UNESCO chair during the previous four-year period from 2015 to 2019. He focuses on Graphogame research to show that this digital learning environment succeeds in helping children globally to become literate, i.e. to overcome biological/genetic bottlenecks and compromised opportunities to receive sufficient instruction.

Research - The reading-Game related projects; ProRead Sokrates; NeuroDys EU-STREP, Center for the promotion of the Literacy in the Sub-Saharan Africa; Dyslexia, genes, and brain.

He awarded as Schild Scientist Award by the Finnish Cultural Foundation 1996; Nokia Award 2004; University Award for Public Information 2005; Philips Nordic Prize 2005; Senior Researcher's Prize of the Finnish Psychological Association 2008.

Tommi JYU.jfif

Tommi Kärkkäinen
Director of the Operational Area, Professor Educational technology and cognition

Learning and Cognitive Sciences, Human and Machine based Intelligence in Learning (Humble) research group. 

Digitization produces a huge amount of interesting - often even large and holey and lively and noisy - data, which together with the research group and partners we modify and refine in new ways in one direction and another, in one field, and for another need.

Digitization yields to huge amount of interesting – in many cases large, sparse, heterogeneous, and noisy – data, which we in the research group process and utilize together with partners in multiple domains for multiple purposes in novel ways.


Heramb Kulkarni
Director, Development, and Strategy, CCE Finland

Speaker and trainer on EduTech, collaborative learning, and innovation across 12 countries. Trained more than 14000+ teachers, Educators, leaders on strategy and ICT innovations Research.

Heramb consults many governments and large organizations across 3 continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa within key countries like Denmark, USA, Bahrain and Indian states like Delhi, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. His research areas are educational technology and creativity, global education reforms and collaborative innovations. As an educator, social entrepreneur and technology wizard, he is on the advisory board of many educational institutes and innovative start-ups across Europe and India. He has held leadership positions across large MNCs like Nokia, Lucent Technologies, Skyworks and Accenture with vast experience in technology, architecture and software development domain.

Fenyvesi Kristof.jpg

Kristof Fenyvesi
Researcher In Contemporary Culture Studies

Research Fields: STEAM; trans- and Multidisciplinary integration in learning; connections between arts & Mathematics; problem-solving, playfulness, phenomenon-based, experience-oriented, and cooperative approaches in education; hands-on and digital modelling in Mathematics, art and design; interdisciplinary aesthetics. Vice President of the World’s Largest Mathematics and Arts Community, The Bridges Organization and Director of Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement, Director of Experience Workshop Global STEAM Network. 

Research Field - Multidisciplinary and Phenomenon-based Learning; STEAM education; key competence development; collaborative problem-solving; mathematics & art connections in education.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-13 at 00.59.52.jpeg

Mirza Sagdati
Founder and Program Lead at Red Brick Accelerator 

An active startup ecosystem and community builder interested in startups, innovation, growth and impact! 
Coaching and supporting early-stage startups accelerate their growth all the way to first revenue and turning their ideas into growing startup ventures.


Marja Suurla

Director at CCE Finland

International trainer and researcher for Education and learning through paintings. She has been visiting different countries to make teachers aware of the teaching through drawing and painting, mainly the form painting. Follows Waldorf pedagogy and teacher from Steiner School, Tampere. She is an expert teacher of arts and paintings for 30+ years and has participated in many international exhibitions with her students.

Shirin studio pic.JPG

Shirin Kulkarni

Research Director at CCE Finland

Researcher in the field of Creative Thinking and education for more than 12 years.

Research Areas:

Creativity and School Environment

A comparative study between India and Finland

CII (Creativity-identity Interaction) model

Narrative teaching techniques

Experienced trainer and psychologist

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