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Educational and School Consultancy


The School Consultancy team has expansive expertise on school management issues and can provide all necessary support in various ways. Our executive group are all well-respected figures in the education sector, along with our team, are here to advise you on any issues which your school may have. This could be staff performance issues, appointing a new governance structure, or even a new school build.


It is important to gain a clear understanding of exactly what is required. We can then develop the project methodology and main delivery. We offer a full range of services, spanning organizational structure, project planning and development.



Teacher and Class

Starting a new school!

Our Executive Group has experience of developing and managing new schools from the very outset. We can advise on:

  • architectural design

  • internal technical requirements

  • resource and equipment

  • prep schools who wish to expand to an all through school

Do you have an aspect of a new school build which you want advice on?

If so, get in touch with our experienced consultants by clicking here.

For Exisiting Schools...

CCE Finland Oy provides all levels of support for schools leading up to their inspections, observations and preparations for global networks and collaborations.

Expertise includes:

  • providing organizational structure, project planning and development

  • assisting with Governance and management, staffing and financial structures; growth plans and projections:

  • giving advice on management structure, management/leadership style, financial management/control; P&L accounts, management accounts/budgets

  • helping your school develop a strategic development or business plan and advising on school/departmental reviews

  • CCE Observation Portals-coming soon

CCE is pleased to help in all aspects of school improvement and management issues.To get in touch with us, please click here.

Additional support...

CCE Team can also assist with:

  • the quality of teaching (teachers and non-teaching staff)

  • teacher performance evaluation

  • curriculum management including resources and equipment

  • student assessment and evaluation system, educational standards achieved by pupils

  • the quality of pupils’ learning, attitudes and behavior

  • pastoral care, support and guidance

  • pupils’ welfare, including health & safety

  • professional development

  • marketing

  • development offices, fundraising, foundations and alumni relations

  • parental services

  • links with parents and the community

  • formation of a parent association or subcommittee

  • higher education

  • staff pay structure

  • health and safety audit



If your school needs advice on these issues or anything else, please feel free to contact us .


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