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FINLAND inspired School

Do you have vision for FINLAND inspired School?


Understanding CCE`s - FINLAND inspired School

Why SDP?

Imagine your school transformed. Classrooms buzz with creativity, students are active participants in their learning journeys, and a love of learning thrives. CCE Finland's Advanced Accreditation program makes this vision a reality. This innovative program goes beyond mere certification. It's a transformative journey of 3 years that propels your school towards becoming a true Finland-inspired model.

Combining rigorous accreditation standards with our in-depth School Development Program, CCE Finland equips your school with the tools and expertise needed for success. Our program empowers educators with the skills to implement innovative, student-centered teaching methods. We provide practical guidance, dedicated resources to integrate these Finnish-inspired approaches seamlessly into your curriculum. Additionally, we understand each school's unique context. Working closely with you, we tailor solutions that ensure a successful integration, considering factors like geography, infrastructure, and school culture.

CCE Finland's Advanced Accreditation program is your passport to a world of educational excellence. Join us and unlock the potential within your school, creating a vibrant Finnish-inspired model where creativity flourishes and students achieve their full potential. Contact CCE Finland today and embark on your journey towards educational transformation!


FINLAND inspired School - Benefits

Your Finnish School

Our program goes beyond mere certification. It's a transformative journey that propels your school towards becoming a true Finland-Inspired Model. We combine rigorous accreditation standards with our expertise in Finnish education, ensuring your institution embodies the core principles that foster a love of learning and student well-being.

Benefits of Becoming a Finland-Inspired School

  • Globally Recognized Excellence: Gain international recognition for your commitment to Finnish education principles, a system consistently ranked among the best in the world.

  • Enhanced Student Outcomes: Foster a love of learning, student autonomy, and improved academic achievement. Imagine classrooms buzzing with creativity, where students are active participants in their own learning journeys.

  • Empowered Educators: Equip teachers with effective creative pedagogy skills, allowing them to create engaging lessons that spark student curiosity and exploration.

  • Dedicated Support: Benefit from CCE Finland's ongoing guidance and support throughout your journey. Our dedicated resources will conduct a gap analysis to identify areas for improvement and provide handholding implementation to ensure successful integration of Finnish best practices.

  • Continuous Improvement: CCE Finland provides ongoing support and guidance to ensure your school maintains and enhances its Finland-inspired approach, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


This roadmap outlines CCE Finland's program, designed to transform your school into a thriving Finland-inspired model.

1. Apply & Assess

Submit your application and documents. CCE Finland observes your learning environment and conducts a holistic review.

2. Review of Gap Analysis and Focus on fostering:

  • Collaborative Leadership & Student Engagement

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL) & Flexible Learning Spaces

  • 21st Century Skills Development (critical thinking, creativity, etc.)

  • Phenomena-based learning (PHBL)

  • Effective Educational Technology (EdTech) Integration

  • Equity and Seamless Integration of All Elements

3. Advanced Model & Support

CCE Finland's unique implementation model guides your school's development and ensures successful integration of Finnish best practices.

4. Quality & Sustainability

Our dedicated support guarantees a high-quality, sustainable Finland-inspired approach for your school.


Implementation Model

for existing schools
Finland-Inspired School Transformation: A Complete Solution for Existing Schools


CCE Finland unlocks the transformative power of Finland-inspired education for both existing and new schools. Our 360-degree solution for existing schools seamlessly integrates inspiring physical and digital learning environments with our renowned teacher training programs. This fosters a culture of creativity, active learning, and pedagogical excellence. Our support goes beyond the classroom, encompassing organizational structure, governance, strategic planning, and management – ensuring every aspect of your school thrives. Building a new school? CCE Finland empowers your vision with a proven 5-stage, 19-step development process. Leverage our expertise in architecture, curriculum, and resource procurement to create a school that embodies the best of Finnish education, tailored to your local context.


Contact CCE Finland today – together, let's transform your school!

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