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SISU schools - Diverse Learning Environments

SISU Schools are the Finnish Curriculum-based K-12 preschool and schools designed by CCE Finland. The concept is designed by early childhood education experts, architecture professionals, and leadership experts from Finland. Our schools are based on 4 principles, Seeking the knowledge/Searching for the solution, Igniting imagination, Share and sustain, Unlocking the potential.

eSISU Preschool - Learning beyond the limits

eSISU preschool is a 100% online  preschool based on Finnish Early Childhood Education Curriculum


Considering the pandemic situation the first priority should be given to the health safety of our children but that doesn’t mean that they should be away from learning. The technology has provided an excellent opportunity for you to experience the Finnish preschool at one click. eSisu preschool is coming with the first virtual preschool based on the Finnish Early Childhood Education curriculum. The kids can learn in a friendly way using a lot of creative methods in a safe home environment.


Searching for the solution needs keen observation and exploration of the environment. It leads to the capacity for problem-solving in the long run. Problem-solving is a combination of data gathering, data analysis, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Nurturing these skills from the early years is vital for using these skills later in life. Once developed skills of keen observation lead to further curiosity and exploration.Know More

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  • Finnish curriculum

  • Parents as partners

  • Experiential learning

  • International teachers

  • Support group for parents

  • Blended learning with parents

  • Weekly learning progress report

  • Authorized by Education Finland

  • Teachers with international expertise

  • Less screen time and more learning time

Early Childhood Education Model

The Finnish Early Childhood education model is based on an integrated approach to care, education and teaching. As it integrates the Education and Care, it is called the “Educare” model. Learning through play is the basic principle that is used in Finnish ECEC. We are using the same approach in our schools blending it with the local contexts. Know More

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