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The CCE, Finland is an international research-based organization aimed to promote creativity in routine education. We value our reputation for providing high-quality services.


Our services


Schools receive the following services for each program during the evaluation and certification period:-


  • Full access to world-class educational experts and documentation that is comprehensively researched, regularly reviewed and updated according to a CCE’s creative plan

    • A transdisciplinary framework in Primary Year Program

    • Eight subject groups and five areas of interaction in Secondary Year Program

    • Extensive teacher participation in the review cycle to ensure that the curriculum is up-to-date, relevant and reflects best practices around the world

    • A wide range of curriculum publications to support teachers

  • Creative teaching methods and techniques for every teacher  

  • An online community of over 1000 teachers from Finland and other representative countries of CCE

  • Contains news and information, a teacher resource exchange and discussion forums

  • International seminar, educational tours and presentation from CCE Finland experts every year  

  • Programmer evaluation in schools

    • A self-study process required every five years in all CCE certified schools, supported with reports and school visits

    • A reflective exercise that involves the entire school community and aims to improve practice, identify strengths and weaknesses, and determine areas for future focus—reinforcing the support and commitment for the program from all stakeholders of the community

           (* For information on the cost structure for program evaluation,please contact at*)

  • Communication and marketing support

    • Use of CCE name and logo to indicate the school's unique international status and involvement with the creative pedagogy

    • Joint promotion of CCE and involved school for creative pedagogy

    • Collaboration for arranging seminar, conference and creative initiatives within schools

    • Monthly online webinars and school event arrangements

    • Subscriptions to our official magazine

    • A dedicated school page on the CCE Website with the respective school details and links to the school website

    • Automatic inclusion in the school's directory section of the CCE School networks, which is distributed to embassies, consulates and education ministries around the world

  • Governance, representation, and networking

    • The opportunity to attend international conferences including regional conferences of CCE Schools

  • Support and advice

    • Support from the regional office and CCE Finland by email and telephone on all aspects of being a CCE collaboration

    • Professional support in all parts of the curriculum and in cross-curricular areas such as special educational needs

    • Access to CCE experts for tasks necessary to administer the program

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