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Symposium on Creative Education

Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland is always in the forefront of academic brainstorming by organizing Symposiums, conferences, seminars and workshops. In 2014, CCE has been instrumental in organzinign more than 5 Symposiums at 5 locations across 2 countries inclusing India (Pune, Mumbai, Goa and Chiplun) and Finland (Tampere).


These are series of an internationally refereed symposium and seminars dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in education. We have a group of world renowned educators and experts in the field of education who presented their ideas about Creativity in Education and education system, in general. The teachers, principals, educators, trainers, students from teacher education were partcipating in these symposium in large numbers. These Symposium would create a forum for exchange of information pertaining to the latest developments in the field of creativity, learning and educational technology.

2nd International 5 days Symposium at Tampere, Finland. Held during Oct - 14. Participants explore the schools of Finland and education system with hands on exoperience with workshops with the finnish teachers.

1st International Symposium at Pune, India

Held during March - 14, International and National speakers, creativity in education along with the arts and creativity workshops with the team from Finland teachers and Professors.

About CCE Finland

CCE is an international research organization based in Finland with aim to invent, educate and promote creative education. We believe that every student and teacher is creative and has potential to develop the creativity in routine education. CCE is collaborating with Indian schools with the help of Finnish experts to foster creativity and improve quality of education. We operate in the fields of pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher education with system reforms, quality assessment, professional development, state of the art evaluation methods and teachers training.  Additionally, we support innovations and collaborative learning techniques in vocational and higher education.


Who can attend?

Teachers (pre-primary, primary, secondary section), principals, educators, trainers, students from teacher education are welcome to present their ideas of creativity which can be used in teaching school  subjects. Any education enthusiast can participate in this symposium. If you want to understand the secret of  success of Finnish education system, this is the only platform for you! Paper Presentation is not mandatory requirement for attending the Symposium.


Who have Attended ?


Teachers of school, goverment delegations, dean of instiutes, educators, trainers, Professors and decision makers in education systems, parents, Ph.d. student researchers, and universites students. The Symposium was arranged in the campus of University of Tampere. And we received 12 countries participation namely- India, USA, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Algeria, Malaysia, Turkey, Ireland, Holland, Nepal and  Azerbaijan


Day 1 - Introduction to Finnish education + Key note
Day 2 - School visits + University Interactions
Day 3 - Interaction with Finnish teachers + Workshops
Day 4 - Conference on creative education - Paper presentations
Day 5 - Conference and concluding ceremony


Click here for Detail Schedule of Sumposium

  • Creativity in teaching school subjects

  • Development of creativity in different age groups

  • Engaging students through creativity

  • Creative teaching aids

  • Developing innovators through education

  • Teaching Vs. Learning

  • Role of technology in education

Themes for Papers
Participants Testimonials


By Vafa Subhani (Participant from Azerbaijan)


In general, the symposium was beneficial as we were able to get more info about the high and higher school systems in Finland. The class observation and talking to teachers, question & answer part, as well as talking to the school principal, teacher trainer are the parts I liked a lot. Besides, through this symposium we will be able to gain some contacts for future collaboration. 


By Dr. Chinnasamy Ramakrishnan (Participant from India)


Council for Creative Education, Finland has organised a five day symposium to shower light on creative education. Being a participant of the symposium, it is my great pleasure and bound duty to place on record the sincere attempts made by the organisers of the symposium, affiliating institutions and other interest groups in bringing out very crucial factors to be looked into to make our education creative and purposeful. It really provided a platform to see, hear, witness, discuss, deliberate, exchange and share the experiences of experts from Finnish Education department, Tampere University, Educational institutions, member of parliament and more with few domain experts. The sessions were well organised, resource persons were chosen in such a way that the exact need of the symposium was met with and visits to educational institutions, library, university departments were much impressive and educative to us. Presentation sessions were also arranged in a very perfect manner so that the presenter and audience have adequate time for sharing the requisite information. To be in precise, I would like to make a simple comment: "Really a right step forward in making education creative in right spirit at right time"





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