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The Educator Creativity Awards is recognition of the outstanding educators championing creativity in education. Our unique workshop & diploma programs encourage our course participants to achieve milestones.

The Educator Creativing Awards are part of the Creativity Celebration and will recognise the educators/school/institutes associated with CCE Finland. The eligibility criteria will be the Educator's demonstrated impact of creativity in education and on its students which is conducted in an innovative and collaborative way.

Nominations are open to alumni of CCE Finland, previous and current course participants and CCE Partner schools working under its school development project.

CCE Finland’s course participants across the globe can apply for their creative vision and outstanding achievement/ implementation of innovation in education programmes.

CCE Awards

  • 1. To be eligible for The Educator Creativity Awards, schools must be able to meet the following criteria:

    • The Educator has completed one of the following levels post their course- Learner, Creative Educator, Champion, Ambassador.

    2. The Educator can prove via substantiate documentation/video recording -  a measurable impact on students by integrating creative learning in the curriculum

    3. For schools - 

    • Demonstrated creativity in education through activities that include most of their teachers and students 

    • The school has collaborated learning plans for both teachers and students 

    • Allocate specific resources to develop creativity

    • Actively support teachers' continuing professional development and training

    • Include the local community and school sectors in spreading the creativity.

    • 5th October to 31st December - Nominations/Applications

    • 1st January - 28th February - Supporting paperwork submission from selected nominees

    • March - Jury Decisions

    • 21st April:  Honouring Educator Creativity Awards

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