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The interesting facts of the Finnish Education System

Even though Finland is a small country with 5.5 million population, this country is famous for its amazing education system around the world.

Here are some interesting facts about Finnish education.

Are you ready to explore these?


1. Schools in Finland are equal

You can not find any expensive elite schools in Finland. All Finnish comprehensive schools and high schools are equal and offer the same level of education for everyone. Each student has the right to have free school meals, health care, psychological counseling, support of transportation, regardless of the socioeconomic background of the family. With the equality of the Finnish education system to everyone, about 93 percent of Finnish graduate from high school.

2. The autonomy of teachers in Finland

There are not many exams and no evaluation of teachers compared to other countries, because the important point of Finnish school is not to pass exams but to learn and trust in education. Therefore, teachers in Finland have more freedom in teaching than in other countries. Based on the national school curriculum, teachers implement content with various teaching methods.

3. Learning by doing

Finnish people believe in education that learning by doing brings more positive educational performance to students than learning by memorizing. The doing or playing in schools is not just playing - teachers always plan a learning plan with a pedagogic purpose. Throughout the learning plan which is focused on learning by doing, students get the inner motivation to learn something.

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