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Benefits / Why Should you attend?

Interdisciplinary learning is one of many ways to learn over the course of a curriculum. When educators consider their curricular objectives and students' needs, they may choose interdisciplinary learning to deliver part or all of the content they will present. This method can help bring students to a new awareness of the meaningful connections that exist among the disciplines.

For example, a teacher might choose to design an interdisciplinary unit entitled ""Reality and Illusion"" and use the phrase ""seeing is believing"" as an organizing center1. Students would then spend the next several weeks exploring topics covering a range of disciplines, such as optical illusions, patterns, probability, and folklore, and other literature.


The course starts on 15th January 2021

Interdisciplinary Learning

  • - What is interdisciplinary learning?
    - What are the roots of interdisciplinary learning, and how has it evolved over time?
    - How might interdisciplinary learning affect you, your colleagues, and your students? 
    - Case studies, subject wise examples and syllabus breakup
    - Create a course content - Workshop method

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