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The very concept of school is at a turning point: Information and Communications Technology has given rise to a transformation of historical proportions in education and teaching, globally. First by enabling the sharing of learning materials digitally, and now by the increasing interactivity and development of personalized learning content via social media models. This allows for deeper commitment to one’s own learning, for example through educational digital games, efficient ways to search for information online and the creation of personal learning sets.


Finland enjoys one of the most advanced and expansive applications of digital technology in education, starting from the first grade of primary school throughout the education system, and consisting of formal as well as extracurricular learning through technology. We in Finland understand the true value and promise of digitalization. As connectivity in the world is ever-expanding, and the speed with which it advances, the concept of the digital school can be exported all over the globe.


Education Technology (ICT) Tours Upcoming - 2024

€2,150.00 Regular Price
€1,950.00Sale Price
  • The program is meant for educators who are interested to learn about Finnish Education System and especially with the advancement of ICT

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