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Stories: My Magic Wand

Stories are like magic threads that weave through the tapestry of our lives, connecting the past, shaping the present, and guiding the future. I've cherished stories since my own childhood, especially the captivating mythology tales my mom shared. As an Early Childhood Educator (ECE), I've witnessed the remarkable power of stories in teaching little ones essential values, emotions, and even numbers and letters.

In my kindergarten class, stories have become a daily joy, helping us learn everything from sharing and handling tantrums to mastering addition and subtraction. They're special tools that make learning fun and exciting. For example, we recently explored the story 'Courage' by Bernard Waber, where a new friend learned that being in a new place and making friends is a courageous act.

Unlocking the Power of Stories: A Real-Life Example of Easing Kindergarten Struggles and Promoting Sibling Harmony

When faced with the challenge of multiple meltdowns from one of my students, I delved deep to understand the underlying issue. It became clear that the little one had a newborn sibling at home, and her mom, understandably, was occupied with the demands of a new baby. Recognizing the need for intervention, I, as a teacher, aimed to help my young kindergartner find tranquility amid the adjustments of welcoming a new sibling. In this journey, I turned to a cherished book in my collection, 'Big Sisters Are the Best.' the positive impact it had on the big sister in my class exemplified the transformative influence stories can have in addressing real-life challenges.

Utilizing 'Pete the Cat' stories has been a delightful tradition when introducing my students to the fundamentals of addition and subtraction. The enthusiasm and enjoyment these stories evoke in the classroom contribute to a quicker and deeper understanding of these essential mathematical concepts among my students.

To all the wonderful parents and teachers of kindergarteners, I extend an invitation to embrace the magic of stories. These narratives are extraordinary tools for imparting crucial life lessons, nurturing empathy, and addressing challenges in a language that speaks to the hearts of our little ones.

Stories are the enchanting tools that, as educators, we should hold close to our hearts, fostering both personal growth and learning.

Hello everyone, I'm Khyati—an enthusiastic Early Childhood Educator, storyteller, and a devoted mother. Bringing over 14 years of experience working with children, I am currently enrolled in the ECE course with CCE Finland.

My passion for working with children stems from the sheer joy they bring. Their unparalleled curiosity and attentiveness never cease to amaze me, evident even in the midst of their various activities. Their keen observation and listening skills are ever-present, making every moment with them special. What truly warms my heart is the genuine affection little ones hold for their teachers, a bond that transcends even the bounds of the moon.

If you are a like minded ECE Enthusiast - I would love to connect on linkedin -

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